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Antimony, steady trade smoothly

Release date:2016/1/26 15:05:31

Antimony, steady trade smoothly
The 2016-01-25 antimony industry network
The Chinese e-commerce website
This week of antimony concentrate prices in 22000-22500 yuan, with flat last week.
Antimony ore market recent price charts

MB antimony prices rose slightly Wednesday, rose $100 to $5350 - $5550 / ton, domestic exporters quote is still $5450 / ton, enterprises can not accept the price of less than $5400.Companies said the international prices for domestic prices rise, make a catch-up.
Recent antimony ingot MB market prices
This week, domestic prices temporarily stabilized, this week 2 yuan to 34500-35000 yuan/ton, antimony antimony 1 in 35000-35500 yuan/tons, has a price 36000 yuan/ton.No tax price in 30500 yuan.
Antimony ingot price charts in a week

Antimony oxide smooth market prices, the domestic price is in 31500-31500 yuan/ton, export offer much in the $4950 - $5000 / ton, the market trading is not active, temporarily not raised its offer.And the downstream plastic product prices rise and fall now, the decline of economic slowdown, demand still remains.
Antimony oxide in the domestic market price charts in a week
Antimony oxide FOB price charts in a week

Market slightly calm before the Spring Festival, the market trading, domestic and foreign demand is not much.Everyone more cautious for the holiday market, the participants believe will stabilize, participants said, needs to keep pace with prices may decline.
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