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The Spring Festival approaching, raw material to prepare improve mood

Release date:2016/1/22 15:02:17

The Spring Festival approaching, raw material to prepare improve mood
The 2016-01-21 antimony industry network

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Last week, some subtle, antimony price movement, large enterprises improve sales price, small and medium enterprises to actively inventories, traders in busy with "the ritual" is between us, as if to make active preparations after the traditional Spring Festival consumption.
Raw material side, large state-owned enterprises subordinate antimony mountain and form a complete set of mill plant, has arranged for fiscal 2015 annual maintenance plan, begin to repair;Part of the mixed ownership enterprise expected years maintenance;Small and medium-sized enterprise maintenance plan may be after two weeks.This month the maintenance plan of raw materials on the market prices slightly ascending, offer 50% antimony ore concentrate has been increased to 23000 yuan/tons of metal, due to the import minerals customs VAT tax point deduction, the purchase price of state-owned enterprises has purchasing more attractive.Due to the near the Spring Festival, every smelter want to prepare the raw material, so the raw material market spot is more popular.
Antimony ingot last week's poor performance, plentiful on the market, the price also with the increase of antimony ingot, clinch a deal valence also drop in small, without the previous high price, companies offer each other and the final factory price also flat, no. 2 high bismuth and antimony ingot market price 33000 yuan/ton, near 0 antimony ingot price still keep near 35500 yuan/ton, manufacturer shipment will still very strong, but because of the early stage of the downstream market rises stock is sufficient, recent performance is insufficient power prices continue to rise, the downstream market continues the force is limited, and near the New Year, the market terminal wait-and-see mood is more thick, more willing to cash on hand, and respect of smelters in order to maintain a certain amount of raw material inventory, is bound to sell stock in exchange for raw materials, in the short term, or there will be a large number of shipments.
Antimony oxide on the market is relatively stable, each brand is still keep the price competitive advantage, caused by a lack of suzhou and changzhou factories, in order to guarantee the reasonable operation of funds, the are down their inventories of raw materials, the antimony content of 99.8% antimony trioxide mainstream offer maintain near 32000, can undertake spot trading, antimony content is 99.5% of antimony trioxide sales is relatively stable, the downstream market demand and production is normal, double purchase after it becomes apparent that abroad, the export situation of antimony oxide improved, for domestic manufacturers, is a good start.
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