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In 2015, mandalay antimony resources, production increased 2% year on year

Release date:2016/1/29 13:33:28

In 2015, mandalay antimony resources, production increased 2% year on year
The 2016-01-28 antimony industry network

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the Canadian mandalay antimony resources company production of 937 tons, up 1.19% from a year earlier.28948 ounces of gold fell 8.5% year on year;725243 ounces of silver, fell 28.98% year on year.In 2015, the year the company antimony production 3712 tons, up 2.01%;109102 ounces of gold rose 40.05%;2545984 ounces of silver, fell 23.53% year on year.In 2016, mandalay antimony resources company plans to produce 3000-3500 tons, 10.0 115000 ounces of gold, 290-3.3 million ounces of silver.
In the fourth quarter of 2015, mandalay antimony resources company sales of 967 tons, fell 15.99% year on year;Gold sales to 26641 ounces, fell 19.53% year on year;Silver sales for 623184 ounces, fell 42.71% year on year.In 2015, annual sales of 3563 tons, antimony year-on-year growth of 1.63%;Gold sales to 107998 ounces, up 42.07%;Silver sales for 2778836 ounces, fell 12.29% year on year.Antimony in the fourth quarter of 2015, the average sales price is $5604 / ton, fell 37.76% year on year;Gold average price of $1104 an ounce, fell 7.92% year on year;Silver is priced at $14.76 an ounce on average, fell 10.27% year on year.(antimony industry branch)

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