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Jiefu yongxing real estate group co., LTD was awarded "lianjiang 2015 enterprises large taxpayer silver award" honor!

Release date:2016/2/17 15:07:22

- from lianjiang yongxing real estate WeChat public number
On January 27th afternoon, lianjiang held 2015 annual symposium of large taxpayer, 46 tax 5 million yuan of above business representatives gathered, talk about development in 2016.
Lianjiang leadership Chen Guangxiang, Wu Qunzhong, Zheng Yanzhang, Deng Guankang, Chen Ruiqun, GuanWeiRong, Huang Peidong, Huang Sheng discussion with 46 large taxpayer, thanks to the entrepreneurs of lianjiang economic made outstanding contributions, and listen to entrepreneurs to the work of the New Year of the municipal party committee.
Symposium hosted by Wu Qunzhong, Huang Sheng read out on the recognition of annual tax 5 million yuan of above 2015 enterprises bulletin.
We lianjiang yongxing real estate co., LTD was awarded the 2015 lianjiang enterprises large taxpayer "silver award honorary title, on the same day, Chen Guangxiang, Wu Qunzhong, Zheng Yanzhang on behalf of the award winning enterprise respectively.

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