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Basf's first to provide China with safety of flame retardants

Release date:2016/2/25 15:42:46

Basf's first to provide China with safety of flame retardants
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Basf innovative polymer flame retardant PolyFR instead of before hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) flame retardant, improve the environmental performance of heat preservation and heat insulation Neopor solutions, so strict requirements effectively help customers meet the increasingly stringent energy saving, fire regulations and sustainable building design requirements, so as the world can be a leading supplier of expanded polystyrene thermal insulation material, basf has become the first in China using safer flame retardant materials suppliers.

PolyFR this efficient flame retardant has been basf worldwide for its full polystyrene thermal insulation material series products, including Europe, North America and China customer use Neopor products series.The first success in Europe and South Korea after switching to PolyFR, basf has become the first in China adopt PolyFR thermal insulation materials suppliers.
Basf's invention of Neopor in construction industry for nearly 20 years of application history.This grey plastic granule material is Styropor (EPS) white upgrade model, it contains special graphite particles, can be like a mirror reflection radiation, thereby reducing the indoor heat loss.Basf foam customers the granular material can be processed into insulation board or various molding, heat preservation and heat insulation for facade, roof and floor.Neopor insulation material conform to the passive house building standards, compared with the traditional white EPS can reduce material consumption by up to 20%.
Since 2015, the European Union has banned the use of HBCD flame retardants, basf has worldwide will be expanded polystyrene insulation products of flame retardant comprehensive use PolyFR instead of HBCD.With the support of basf, testing and development for many years, the results show that PolyFR in insulation board processing and use process can provide a better environmental performance.
Basf styrene global foaming polymer business department, senior vice President Giorgio Greening said: "the current commercial and residential construction area for the requirements of energy efficiency to an unprecedented height, can be expanded polystyrene thermal insulation products such as Neopor is a good way to meet this demand. Especially after the switch to PolyFR, basf, heat preservation and heat insulation solutions will be able to meet the requirements of the future of sustainable building projects. As the market for the requirement of increasing the living and working space and energy saving, the high quality material can help developers to meet market demand at the same time ensure that the product compliance."

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