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Post-holiday antimony, wait-and-see mood Price stabilization

Release date:2016/2/22 10:44:26

After antimony city wait-and-see sentiment strong price stabilisation
The 2016-02-22 China commerce antimony industry network
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The lunar New Year holiday ended last week, antimony manufacturers returned home market.Because of the depressed market, some enterprises starts relatively late, and the logistics industry is in the recovery of antimony market overall trend is slow, enquiries are not active.
Antimony ore market recent price charts

Antimony ore market change is not big, price stability in the first 22000-22500 yuan/ton, also have the manufacturer price is in 23000 yuan/ton.The news that antimony prices, but the understanding, the market price has not changed, manufacturers looking strong.
Recent antimony ingot MB market prices

Antimony ingot price charts in a week

After antimony ingot market changed little, and the overall calm, the market price is no big change.1 antimony prices in 34500-35000 yuan/ton;2 antimony prices in 33500-34000 yuan/ton.Due to the current market has always been weak, downstream market demand, the price is not supported, antimony ingot manufacturer is being hesitant attitude on afternoon, quotations are relatively cautious, not easily offer.After export market price is lower, the latest quote $5350 - $5400 / ton, high amplitude fell more than 50 dollars/ton.
Antimony oxide in the domestic market price charts in a week
Antimony oxide FOB price charts in a week

Antimony oxide market also is so, the overall performance is not active, strong wait-and-see mood.Market prices basically stable also before the Spring Festival of 31500-32500 yuan/ton.Export price is slightly lower, last at 4850-4900 dollars/tons, first fell by an average of 100 dollars/ton.
Post-holiday antimony downstream market inquiry, the manufacturer price is also very cautious, market prices basically maintain the first level.Antimony, strong wait-and-see mood overall market at present, market trend has been in a weak state of stabilization.
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