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Congratulations to our 2015 annual board meeting successfully

Release date:2016/3/29 15:06:55

Dongguan Jiefu on March 26, 2015 the board of directors at Jiefu group meeting room.The meeting presided over by the chairman of Xie Jianlong.Group leader, head of various functional departments, the east peak mining leaders attended the meeting.

Passed by the board of directors of the company the dongguan Jeff 2015 annual work summary and work plan 2016 ", "2015 annual financial statements and 2016 financial budget", "2015 annual profit distribution plan," 2016 annual company financing ", "2016 annual company goal assessment scheme" and so on.

Board for dongguan Jiefu leadership to do a good job of production management, strengthen internal management, actively explore the domestic market, overfulfilled the business objectives determined by the board of directors in 2016.
Dongguan Jiefu leadership with firm confidence to the board of directors will be able to realize.

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