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Last week, the domestic and foreign prices rose sharply

Release date:2016/4/19 9:18:18

Last week, the domestic and foreign prices rose sharply
The 2016-04-18 antimony industry network
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Wto: antimony market rose again last week, manufacturer's bullish sentiment is also more obvious, the spot market price rose sharply present situation.
Antimony ore market recent price charts

Domestic prices rise successively, antimony ore market gains obvious nature.At present, the domestic market of antimony content in 50 last at 24000-24500 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week the average rose 2000 yuan/ton.It is reported that some manufacturers offer has been raised to 26000 yuan/ton, and shipment will is not strong.
Recent antimony ingot MB market prices

Foreign MB antimony market gains is also very obvious.On Friday, MB free market prices latest quotation (+ 100) 5700-5700 dollars/tons;MMTA last at British small metal trade association (+ 300) 5600-5600 dollars/tons (+ 200).Due to domestic prices rise rapidly, export price also has greatly raised.Antimony ingot export prices rose to $5600 - $5900 / ton, compared with the previous week the average $350 a tonne.The terminal now purchase price in the $5600 - $5700 / ton, antimony manufacturers cheap shipment will is not strong, but buyers will buy goods is not high also.
Antimony ingot price charts in a week

Due to the domestic market for strengthening environmental protection, antimony enterprise production cost increase.After antimony market prices have been lower, and demand is pale, many enterprises starts relatively late, after the Spring Festival or has not been commenced, spot market gradually show the tense situation.As prices rise, antimony bullish obviously, the spot price is also a sharp rise, although the downstream terminal procurement market to buy goods is not positive, but the intention of antimony manufacturer's price.At present, the market price of antimony 1 to 36000-36500 yuan/ton, rose by an average of 2500 yuan/ton a week.Antimony last at 2, 35500-36000 yuan/ton, rose 2750 yuan/ton a week.No tax at 33000-33500 yuan/ton.It is understood that the manufacturer 1 antimony price has been raised to 38000 yuan/ton;No. 2 is raised to 37000 yuan/ton.
Antimony oxide in the domestic market price charts in a week
Antimony oxide FOB price charts in a week
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