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Ask the non-ferrous metal industry: ten antimony, panoramic parsing antimony industry

Release date:2016/4/27 16:16:17

As the 2016-04-26 10:52 was developed
Antimony demand has grown steadily
Antimony is mainly used as flame retardants (accounts for 70% of the world's antimony consumption), and can be used in battery, military industry and other fields;China is the first largest antimony consumer (50%).Steady growth of demand as a whole, the alternative is weaker in the field of flame retardants.At the same time, antimony, seasonal demand is strong, the downstream customers more focus on the first half of procurement.
Antimony supply concentration, production fell back quickly
Antimony concentrate resources in China, Russia and other places, recoverable duration of 13 years, and is a scarce resource.Global supply antimony concentrate in China (nearly 80%), China's output and focused on the hunan (80%).For domestic strengthen environmental control and prices continue to fall, private dig logging and normal enterprise production, antimony, insufficient output of pale blue peak by 35000 tons to 35000 tons.
Contractions antimony industry chain in China
Since 2015, shut down/antimony smelting production capacity of 50000 tons, the world's largest antimony companies flash star antimony industry shut down on April 15, 22000 tonnes of smelting capacity), about 30% of the output.While remaining in production capacity in addition to the hunan gold, capacity utilization rate remained at 60% is already very difficult;We expect an average of 50-60% of the production capacity.Capacity is the cause of shrinkage, low prices, corporate losses (antimony ingot single tons losses amounted to 10000 yuan);Environmental pressure, promoted the antimony in the cold water river, smelting enterprise integration, and led to the guangxi hechi area smelters to shut down.Therefore, antimony companies and production way is not very smooth.
Circulation stock less than a quarter
Currently, antimony, social inventory: upstream enterprise have mastered about 20000 tons, domestic and foreign traders and downstream demand business inventories are rare.Pan-asia antimony ingot stock 18000 tons, influence in the psychological level.And inventory has quite a few for impawn financing.At the same time, the store is expected to be in May - June for an each other purchases.Since 13 years, therefore, redundant inventory basic at nearly 80%, or will be "locked" status, the circulation stock less than a quarter, need not worry too much inventory impact on prices.
Prices have been established at the bottom of the cycle, is expected to rise by 30%
Based on "high production rate, low circulation, collection and storage, inventory demand centralized purchasing" four considerations, such as in the first half of 2016, rising prices will have the best window period.Considering the stimulation and production prices, prices rose 30% to 50000 yuan/ton level probability is very big.If China's private dig logging and smuggling out more punch, undoubtedly more conducive to higher prices.

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