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Prices rally slow mainstream antimony factory's mind

Release date:2016/5/4 16:57:15

Prices rally slow mainstream antimony factory's mind
The 2016-05-03 antimony industry network
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Antimony ore market recent price charts
Wto news: last week domestic market still rise, rally although weakened from last week, but there are still thousands of yuan.Currently, 50% of antimony content ore prices in 27000-28000 yuan/ton, compared with the previous last week during the same period rose by an average of 1000 yuan/ton.It is understood that the current antimony ore spot still nervous, vendors reluctant mood is still very common, shipment will is not strong, there are 30000-31000 yuan/ton higher offer.
Recent antimony ingot MB market prices

Outside dish antimony market upward trend slowing, gains are diminished.On Friday, MB market quote $6200 - $6600 / ton, antimony low-rising rose by $100, high amplitude rose by $200 / ton;MMTA British small metal trade association reported $6100 - $6500 / ton, low-rising rose by $100, high amplitude rose by $150 / ton.Last Wednesday, the market price is given priority to with stability.Domestic export market prices still chaos, market price range is larger, basic in 6100-6500 dollars/ton.According to this understanding, the current foreign customers buy goods enquiries are weakened, price increases too fast, the purchasing price is difficult to follow up soon.At present, the buyer can accept the price of $6200 a tonne sources, high prices it is difficult to have a deal.
Antimony ingot price charts in a week
Antimony domestic markets continue to render up the situation last week, but apparently less to rise from the previous week.Middle market, because the market price has followed suit, trade is difficult to achieve, and market prices basically reach the shipper to the shipping price, so, the shipper's price mentality a bit, the market price is a little down.Antimony late market, several mainstream manufacturers price is quite positive, attitude is clear, the form must support prices, prices will stabilize or.At present, the market price of antimony, 1 in 39000-40000 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week the average rose 500 yuan/ton.2 antimony in 38500-39500 yuan/ton, price also rose 500 yuan/ton.After 40000 yuan/ton price trading on the market, now the mainstream prices near 39000 yuan/ton.2 no tax prices in 35000-36000 yuan/ton, price basic also in this interval, some manufacturers offer high amplitude in more.
Antimony oxide in the domestic market price charts in a week
Antimony oxide FOB price charts in a week
Antimony oxide downstream market follow up slowly, but supported by the cost prices, antimony oxide and there's a small price go up.At present, the market antimony oxide market price range is bigger also, basic in 34000-37000 yuan/ton, but basic in low-rising actual transaction price.Several mainstream antimony oxide manufacturers offer firm at a high price, clinch a deal in 36000 yuan/ton is little.Export prices in 5300-5600 dollars/ton, $5700 / ton quotation.Clinch a deal the price basic near $5400 - $5500 / ton, trading co., LTD.
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