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April business club: a small metal antimony (cobalt magnesium) and market trend analysis of molybdenum concentrate (4.1 4.30)

Release date:2016/5/6 18:19:37

April business club: a small metal antimony (cobalt magnesium) and market trend analysis of molybdenum concentrate (4.1 4.30) on May 3, 2016 09:07:26 business club

May 03 - business club
One, the price action

April domestic small metal part the market price is up, late price increases significantly.According to statistics, business club this month magnesium ingot price is rising sharply, 30 daily price range in 14200-15000 yuan/ton, all price is in 14250 yuan/ton, month of 11.68%;Antimony ingot price is in 37000-38000 yuan/ton, prices move up;Molybdenum ore concentrate after foreign quotation slightly up stability;Cobalt offer basic steady move, all price is in 199666 yuan/ton, price range in 190000-208000 yuan/ton;.
Second, the market analysis
This month, domestic electrolytic cobalt trading in general, demand remains weak, insufficient domestic buying, renewed market, mainly to the inventory.Affected by the previous purchase news surface, imported cobalt supply is adequate, electrolytic cobalt imports of 1029.075 tons in the first quarter, compared with last year, 243.419 tons of great growth.Due to the terminal consumer weakness, affect the market price.In non-ferrous metal strong background, the current price stability.
In late April magnesium ingot factory spot continued tight, magnesium price rise.From the surface of supply and demand factors, the current tight spot, factory production, such as: many areas for LAN charcoal unsalable and coal procurement difficulties in magnesium factory starts to drop, the demand of market pattern under the short-term price of magnesium or difficult to retreat.Currently magnesium, according to market participants, stabilization, clinch a deal is good, because the downstream users actively sourcing, factory orders increased, market inventory rarely, short-term magnesium price is difficult to drop.
Antimony ingot market boom in late April main factors based on the following aspects: antimony raw materials prices, 50% antimony content of antimony concentrate mainstream sales price has gone up to 26500 yuan/tons, metal parts using open-hearth smelting plant under pressure to environmental protection and safety management, result in antimony powder will not be able to a large number of production, high prices for raw materials;Guangxi region are influenced by environmental governance factors, part of the factory production rectification, antimony ingot production limited;Hunan some large enterprise integrated themselves and the maturity of the bond to redemption, there is the risk of restructuring, or will stop production to June, affected by the news, the market is expected to antimony ingot and antimony trioxide in the short term market supply is shortage, lead to social capital into the antimony ingot market inventory, pushing up prices;Antimony ingot prices low for a long time, there is rising space, as downstream consumption has increased, the demand for antimony this "industrial monosodium glutamate" also will rise, removing the hype, antimony price benign regression.
Third, afternoon
Affected by the downstream demand and foreign demand, business clubs think this week, after a recent small metal roll up to the running stability is given priority to, but does not rule out the possibility of small shocks.
(article source: business club)

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