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Antimony ingot is expected to purchase 10000 tons this year

Release date:2016/6/24 15:26:35

Antimony ingot is expected to purchase 10000 tons this year

The 2016-06-23 antimony industry network

Antimony metal have been incorporated into national purchasing plan.The SRB will purchase antimony ingot 10000 tons this year, and is the premium collection and storage, but specific time has not yet been determined, the purpose is to boost the market.
Antimony sources said the purchase expected there is already a long time, and how to purchase and the purchase price has become the focus of the market.
The news, on June 20, antimony ingot price 39000 yuan/ton, weeks rose 4.09%.
Antimony oxide, antimony trioxide used in the manufacture of refractory products.60% of antimony, used in the production of flame retardant, while 20% of antimony, used in the manufacture of batteries, sliding bearing alloy materials and welding of agent.Currently the world's proven antimony ore reserves of more than 400, ten thousand tons, China accounted for more than half.China's antimony reserves, production, export occupies an important position in the world.The 2015 global antimony (including antimony) output is 150000 tons, China produced 120000 tons, accounted for 80%.
Prices in recent years, however, all the way "roller coaster" type slide, antimony ingot from a peak of 110000 yuan/ton, price had fallen to the level at the beginning of the year of 30000 yuan/ton, the price level is below the industry average cost, related enterprise profits down significantly.
According to figures from the national bureau of statistics, antimony industrial enterprises above designated size in 2015 profit of $87.804 million, fell 93.7% from a year earlier, the percentage of loss-incurring enterprises to further expand the enterprise.Among them, the material selecting enterprises above designated size of main business income is 4.18 billion yuan, fell 18% year on year;The total profit of 190 million yuan, fell 33.4% year on year.Antimony smelting enterprises above designated size of main business income is 16.44 billion yuan, down 35.9% year-on-year.Antimony smelting enterprises loss of 100 million yuan.
The people said, antimony products prices are mainly related to such factors as the domestic economic slowdown.In addition, the mining steal dug and smuggled out enormous negative impact to the industry.Market focus is on the purchase price.Antimony ingot prices are near the break-even point in the industry, if the price of 40000 yuan/ton for purchasing, expected the market enthusiasm is limited.
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