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Business club: 6 months early small metal antimony (cobalt magnesium) and market trend analysis of molybdenum concentrate (6.1 6.22)

Release date:2016/6/23 15:29:08

Business club: 6 months early small metal antimony (cobalt magnesium) and market trend analysis of molybdenum concentrate (6.1 6.22) on June 22, 2016 17:53:50 business club
Business club on June 22
One, the price action
6 months early domestic small metal trading in general, antimony ingot surface is good news for purchasing edged up in the near future.On June 22, according to statistics, business clubs cobalt are quoted price is in 194500 yuan/ton, price range in 190000-200000 yuan/ton;Magnesium ingot price recently edged higher, price range in 13400-13800 yuan/ton;Antimony ingot price is in 38500-40000 yuan/ton;Basic stability of molybdenum concentrate.
Second, the market analysis
Consumption off-season, domestic electrolytic cobalt trading this week, end demand still impress, inventory is slow, sumitomo cobalt, cobalt domestic market, with Zambia cobalt weak stabilized.Data show that domestic imports rose 322.76% in the last quarter, and the recent overseas cobalt price rise and fall now, low cobalt low-rising cut $10.5 ~ 11.2 / lb.Terminal consumption fatigue, affect the market price.The current electrolytic cobalt offer basic stability.And antimony ingot after a strong rally, the market price is stabilizing.
Magnesium ingot, magnesium ingot market rational shock consolidation, the recent uptick, wenxi area wenxi area currently magnesium ingot price 13500-13600 yuan/ton;Taiyuan area magnesium ingot price 13300-13400 yuan/ton;Ningxia region magnesium ingot price 13300-13400 yuan/ton;Fu valley area 13200-13300 yuan/ton quotation.The original magnesium spot fluctuated as a result, the amplitude is in 100 yuan/ton.Recent enquiry more foreign customers in the third quarter, and because of shanxi region environmental inspection, early where part of the metal magnesium factory suspend production, ahead of equipment maintenance, and production by the end of June, is expected to boost local prices.
Antimony ingot is affected by the bureau will purchase antimony ingot in 2016 years, 10000 tons of news, the recent prices edged up.
Third, afternoon
Affected by the downstream demand and foreign demand, small metal business club this week, analysts said the recent small metal will continue to run smoothly, but does not rule out the possibility of small shocks.

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