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Easing expected heats up zinc tin antimony or come back in the market

Release date:2016/7/5 10:14:05

Easing expected heats up zinc tin antimony or come back in the market
0 comments 06:42:52 sources: 2016-07-04 financial stocks

There are signs that the British Europe after, the bank of England, the bank of Japan and the European central bank in the future will be further easing, futures markets and market analysts and even suggested that the fed has cut interest rates.Easing expected, part of the non-ferrous metals market, or come back.We continue to see more supply phase improve zinc, tin, antimony and other stage performances.
Specific view: 1) the international zinc prices rose to the highest level in almost one year, so far in the second quarter rose more than 15%, the third quarter of 2010 to the best performance of one season, so far this year increase of 30%.Zinc prices since October 2006 peak has adjusted for 10 years, resulting in the reduction in zinc mining investment has, at the same time because of the zinc scrap is less, of the next three years in the new supply.Mainstream institutions, expects the global zinc production capacity, reduce about 10% in 2016, in the short term, the space of zinc prices is still upwards.Can focus on Tibet Everest (32.68 + 0.00%, buy), etc.;
2) tin belong to inventory record lows of varieties of inflection point.Shanghai tin in the afternoon on July 1, sealed harden board.Popularity since this year, tin city is there is an obvious increase, prices rebounded by nearly 30%.From the perspective of the cost considerations, in the current price, the new supply opening may be very small, tin, the equilibrium price theory will continue to rise.Individual stocks can be focused on such as tin shares (12.81 to 1.00%, buy), etc.;
3) antimony regardless of price or capacity are relatively low.Agency predicts antimony smelting since 2015 shut down or cut production capacity of 50000 tons above, about 30% of the output, supply chain side continues to shrink.And for the price, by purchasing and news, recent antimony factory offer continuously raised, overseas prices also rose obviously.Can focus on ningbo joint (10.66 + 0.47%, buy), etc.

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