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In 2016, dongguan Jiefu years summarizes the meeting goes well

Release date:2016/7/14 10:22:01

On July 12, dongguan Jiefu years review meeting held in company conference room smoothly.Presided over by the general manager Mr Lv Fanghui meeting, dongguan Jiefu monitor of participants for the workshop level above personnel, special mining GuYuSheng, finance director, general manager of east peak Zhou Xianghua, assistant manager of human resources, the human resources director MoTing, Jiefu group finance director yong-qiang xu hai-hua li, director of human resources, investment director Zhang Hongxian, chairman of the board secretary He Xianli, information management center general manager assistant Jiang Guangming Shi Changjiang, audit manager, a total of 30 people to attend the meeting personnel.
The conference reporting on activities, according to department respectively by the manager's office, "sales", "finance", "personnel department", "qc", "technology" in the first half of the six departments fully summarizes the work, deeply analyzes the existing problems, and puts forward improving measures to the problems, made clear in the second half of 2016 dongguan Jiefu departments focus (sales target, production plan, etc.).During the meeting, all participants actively speak, make recommendations for the company development, finally lu always affirmed the meetings and half a year to the worker's contribution to the company management has done, greatly inspire and promote the working morale, to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the dongguan Jeff team, make the whole team the confidence in the company's development goals.
Dongguan Jiefu in the first half of the guidance of Jiefu group and east peak mining and led, has achieved good results, strive for the second half of 2016 again.

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