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Strong heavy pragmatic execution limitation

Release date:2016/7/22 14:26:16

Strong heavy pragmatic execution limitation
Wish Jiefu group mining stocks ended years meeting
On July 21, 2016, Jiefu group subsidiary in shenzhen east peak mining co., LTD and its subsidiary in guizhou guizhou metals and minerals import and export co., LTD., dongguan Jiefu retardant materials co., LTD., dushan antimony industry co., LTD. Companies such as single peak years meeting was held in lianjiang li wave hotel.

The meeting shall be presided over by Jiefu Zhang Honghang group human resources management center director, chairman of the board of directors of the company and President Xie Jianlong yong-qiang xu, director of investment, financial center director hai-hua li, assistant general manager of the information center Shi Changjiang, east peak mining GuYuSheng, guizhou Zhao Xia minmetals' general manager, general manager, general manager of dongguan Jiefu Lv Fanghui leading companies such as executives attended the meeting.

The meeting by Jeff group chairman Xie Jianlong delivering, the theme of this year to do clear instructions, request meeting to brief show company's achievements, find out the weakness and the daily management work, to take a practical and effective measures and methods to solve the problem, and make the meeting resolution in the meeting, improve the meeting time.

To attend each company general manager and each business unit manager seriously summed up the achievements of the first half of 2016 and the problems existing in the work, the participants of cultivating speak freely, put forward the concrete measures and methods to solve the problem, the decision-making, deployment tracking implement, improve execution.

The meeting showed, cultivating the new scene of on-the-spot decisions, not only exists in the process of daily management of marketing, technology, production and daily management, team building and other issues specific solutions and ideas are given, and the company to solve especially the peak in the development of cable layout and development of the whole industry chain, improve, improve, make the whole management team in the company's development on some new promotion and know, and the implementation of the resolution on the meeting made a specific deployment.
The conference in all forum and organization staff fully prepared, the meeting has obtained the expected effect.

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