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Jiefu group human resources project work conference is held ceremoniously

Release date:2016/7/25 16:37:52

Jiefu group human resources project work conference is held ceremoniously

Jiefu group human resources project work meeting on July 23 in guangdong lianjiang, Jiefu group and affiliated investment sector, mining stocks and real estate companies all senior management personnel of the plates and parts of middle managers took part in the human resources project meeting.

Group chairman Xie Jianlong attend the meeting and made important speech, meeting presided over by the group human resources director Zhang Hongxian and made a report on the work of the project, each subsidiary director is also the current actual situation of the company to do the hr project report, for the company human resources management present situation has carried on the detailed analysis, puts forward the existing problems, solutions and ideas.Reports, all staff in the warm and sufficient discussion, from theory to practice, from the reality to development, from the concrete to the strategy, from human resource management to comprehensive management and so on, all have a deep understanding, understanding of human resources management the company referred to the unprecedented height.

Xie Jianlong group chairman of the meeting also made specific instructions: human resource is the company's most important and urgent job at present is also in the future, the company must first emphasis on thought, specific to the human resources work in place, as the head of the enterprise human resources work important assessment index;Headed by group should be established and closely cooperate with each subsidiary, professional team, strong execution of human resource professionals;Establish and improve scientific, effective, feasible management system.At the end of the meeting, the group each leadership and jointly signed the minutes, the unit responsible person promises in the second half of 2016 targets with good quality.

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