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The east peak mining marketing management symposium was held in 2016

Release date:2016/7/26 16:53:06

The east peak mining marketing management symposium was held in 2016
2016 marketing management work project meeting on July 23 in guangdong lianjiang, Jiefu group and affiliated investment plate, plate mining companies all senior management personnel and some middle managers took part in the marketing management project meeting.

Meeting shall be presided over by mining GuYuSheng, general manager of east peak and do the project report, and share the essential condition of the how to achieve marketing 12000 tons, Xie Jianlong chairman attended the meeting and made important instructions.Each unit and the actual situation of the company to do marketing management, head of the project report, the existing problems for the depth profiling, positive ideas, company leaders gave a positive response, also in the interaction of good made clear their own direction and goal, embodies the team positive mental outlook.

Conclusion: to the problem of marketing company team building is an important prerequisite to achieve sales target.Xie Jianlong chairman of the meeting also made specific instructions: each unit according to the company's marketing goals, the best strategy and tactical plan, the human resources department is responsible for the complete marketing team, architecture, configuration, make enterprise capital budget, etc.At the end of the meeting, the group each leadership and jointly signed the minutes, the unit responsible person promises to ensure complete the goal in the second half of 2016.

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