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Tight supply of + demand peatlands cobalt antimony usher in a wave of rising prices

Release date:2016/8/12 17:26:41

Tight supply of + demand peatlands cobalt antimony usher in a wave of rising prices
The 2016-08-12 11:08:07 securities times

Securities times network ( August 12 - recent, rare metal cobalt antimony in a small wave to rise.
, according to Shanghai securities news on August 12, the travelling expenses - quotation shows that since the beginning of July, antimony ingot prices rose 5%, domestic electrolytic cobalt prices rise by more than 10%.
Antaike Liu Lei cobalt industry analyst, the cobalt price from the beginning of July at the end of June this year, started the first international market prices continue to rise, drive the domestic market price is follow up, forming cobalt metal prices led situation in raw material prices higher, also indirectly push up domestic cobalt salt products such as price.
According to the travelling expenses - cobalt price quotation, gradually improved since mid-july.The last two weeks, the domestic electrolytic cobalt price - 207000 yuan/ton rose from 19.6 to 21-215000 yuan/ton, up 5.5% as a whole.Antaike quotation, according to the cobalt oxide also promote quickly in two weeks more than 10000 yuan per ton, the current mainstream quotation in 13.74-143000 yuan/ton, market outlook is expected to price will still rise.
Liu Lei said the tight supply forecasts is during summer breaks the market at present is still rise in price of the main driving factor.Last year, according to the global supply of cobalt is 33000 tons, reduction for nearly a quarter of this year.
In addition to the supply side expected good, cobalt downstream mainly used battery industry is gradually accelerated.Lithium batteries ternary cathode material is one of the important raw materials of cobalt salts.Overseas, tesla's battery factory in November this year to prepare mass production, and the second half of the domestic is also the outbreak period, production and sales of new energy vehicles drive battery material consumption.
(the securities times net express center)

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