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Antimony industry research: environmental overweight antimony supply contract The most benefit from hunan gold

Release date:2016/8/26 10:26:01

Antimony industry research: environmental overweight antimony supply contract The most benefit from hunan gold
Time: August 26, 2016 09:02:23 ZhongCai net
China is rich in antimony resources, reserves, the world's first production.China is the world's antimony resource is most rich countries, according to the U.S. geological survey data released in 2015, the global proven reserves of 2 million tons, antimony is 950000 tons, China accounted for 47.5%;China's antimony production proportion is as high as 76.7%, to 115000 tons.Among them, the hunan province contributed more than 50% of China's antimony production.Antimony in China, about 50% of downstream demand for the production of flame retardant, downstream demand is relatively stable.

Environmental protection efforts to overweight, antimony future supply is expected to continue to tighten.With the expansion of the application range of antimony and its compounds, antimony, increasingly serious pollution to the environment.At present, China's environmental watchdog strength increasing, in the middle of July, 2016, the first batch of the central environmental protection inspectorate in around a anti-pollution accountability storm.With environmental protection efforts kept increasing, the pollution will be serious antimony smelting enterprises larger impact on production.In 2015 China's antimony production of about 115000 tons/year, down 4.2% year on year.If continuing efforts, environmental regulation to influence or antimony supply will enlarge.2016 antimony supply is expected to tighten further, year-round supply of antimony is expected to cut around 10000 tonnes.

Affected by the supply contract, domestic antimony prices continue to rebound.As of August 24, the Yangtze river nonferrous market antimony (1 #) for an average of 45500 yuan/ton, the year of 34500 yuan/ton rose by 11000 yuan/ton, 31.9% increase.In the future, with the continuous increase of environmental protection efforts, antimony supply contract pattern will continue, antimony price rebound is expected to continue the good.

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