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Save themselves must also lead antimony industry support

Release date:2016/11/8 14:14:09

Save themselves must also lead antimony industry support
0 comments 13:40:25 2016-11-07 source: international business look first on what to buy!
Although China is the world's great powers of antimony resources, and resource advantage, however, does not well into industrial advantage, exports are mostly low technical content in raw products, deep processing of products, and backup reserves in gradually reduce, companies are increasingly dependent on imported raw materials, all of these make our country in the international market at a very disadvantage.At the same time, along with the domestic labor costs and environmental factors such as cost rising gradually, the comparative advantage of antimony products have also been weakened, and the enterprise innovation ability insufficiency, the excess production capacity, export order, smuggling, etc., have seriously affected the international competitiveness of China's antimony industry.
Faced with such serious situation, the government must be from the resource, production, export will take forcible measures to promote industrial transformation and upgrading (love base, net, information), create a fair market environment for the production and export enterprises, and to strengthen the protection of resources and orderly mining, help enterprises to gradually out of the woods, the antimony industry in China onto the road of green, innovation, high-end development.Therefore put forward the following Suggestions:
Increased investment in exploration, increase the degree of resource security.Over the past 20 years, due to a large number of mining, export, antimony resources reserves in China are greatly reduced, the resource advantage is diminishing.In order to guarantee the sustainable development of the antimony industry, must be more investment on antimony exploration, including encourage social capital to participate in mineral exploration, the exploration to promote government investment and social capital cooperation prospecting model (i.e., the PPP mode).Also should make full use of new methods, new ideas, new theories to seek new antimony resources, and should not only pay attention to the exploration of new deposits, also want to prospecting in the depth of the known ore deposits and the periphery prospecting, but also encourage enterprises to "go out" to overseas to participate in the exploration and development of antimony, lay a solid foundation for future growth of antimony industry in China.
Control the scale of production, implementation of protective exploitation.In the 1990 s, antimony industry in China for a long period of time in the sprawling state, a lot of resources cheap go overseas.There is a certain historical background, there are institutional reasons, also have the misconceptions in understanding, including the scarcity of antimony and important strategic value are lack of deep understanding, in the long run.Actually, antimony mineral as a kind of non-renewable scarce resources, sustainable utilization is the optimal way of depletion, which requires reasonable allocation of scarce resources in different periods, the most efficient to realize the value of it.Therefore, in the development of the future, for antimony ore mining should have long taken a protective strategy, strictly control the upstream mining barriers to entry, controlling the total production, strengthen the sector regulatory responsibilities.To unreasonable exploitation and companies that do not meet the national standards, firmly shut rectification, eliminate backward production capacity.Want to actively use resource at the same time, WTO rules allow control means such as environmental tax, by raising the tax rate, increasing the cost of crushing mining investment impulse, control of antimony blind expansion of production.
Speed up industry consolidation, improve industrial concentration and guide the industry to the development of deep processing.For a long time, number of enterprises, small production scale, low technical level has been the Chinese antimony industry development, the main problem, it not only makes our products at the low end of the value chain for a long time, also causes industry export "campaign, management order, such problems as lack of power in the international market.To change the zero, scattered and disorderly situation, it is necessary to accelerate the industry consolidation, through mergers and reorganization established a batch size and competitive power of enterprise group, and to guide the enterprise to the intensive processing development, support the development of high value-added, high-tech products.Recommendations state set up a special fund to support enterprise technology research and development, the reform process, to develop the deep processing products of enterprises on the equipment and funding assistance, for deep processing of products are exported to give preferential policies of export tax rebates, boosting enterprise transformation and upgrading.
Expand the antimony products application field, consumption upgrade to stimulate the improvement of production and processing.Antimony consumer market in China started late, late 1990 s consumption only 12000 ~ 15000 tons, truly a fast development in recent ten years.Antimony mainly used as flame retardants, in America and Japan and other developed countries, the application of antimony in flame retardant market as high as 80% ~ 90%, while China is only about 5%, the market is very narrow.It is for this reason, antimony processing enterprises in our country is always lack of extending the industrial chain, the production of flame retardant power, only stay at the levels of pretreating.Therefore, to speed up the legislation, cultivating market of the application, expand the antimony products in the industry, especially in the field of high and new technology application and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, develop the deep processing products of important way.Only for the enterprise to see market and economic benefits can be expected, its innovation can we stimulate the kinetic energy, which drives the increase of the technical level of the industry as a whole.
To crack down on export smuggling, create a fair competition environment.Antimony not forged smuggling has a long history, has always been a tumor of antimony industry in our country, the national prohibition special combat action is still many times.It not only caused heavy loss of antimony resources, and make the country suffered huge tax loss, also seriously affected the normal order of antimony products trade within a country, make formal channels for export antimony ingot lose market competitiveness.Therefore, governments at all levels should attach importance to solve the problem of antimony ingot of smuggling, not only to strengthen the supervision of the customs, and by adjusting the antimony products export policies, such as the export tariff rate, weaken the interests of the smuggling space from the source.At the same time, also want to strengthen the consolidation of the domestic market, standardize the market behavior, overweight, tax evasion, on all illegal mining, production, environmental pollution, etc, shall be punished.
Adopt supportive policies, help enterprises to survive.The last two years, the global market downturn, demand, the excess supply of domestic antimony industry as a whole difficult operation, enterprises face unprecedented pressure, some enterprises on the brink of bankruptcy.In this special period, the government should from the overall situation, the appropriate adopt supportive policies, such as enlarging the scale of antimony products purchase, the lower part of antimony export tariffs, to gradually increase emissions standard policy to replace the current high standards, and help enterprises to survive, the development of antimony to protect domestic industry.

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