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A line to Jeff, vice President of guangdong people's political consultative conference Tang Hao group visits committee member, inspection work

Release date:2016/12/7 16:44:54

On the morning of December 2, vice-governor, vice-governor, vice President of Tang Hao Wu

Rui into, director of the foreign affairs committee, deputy director of the Fu Lang, Wang

Rongbao, ShiZhiQuan, standing committee of the CPPCC, less da-xiang lu, yun, CPPCC

members can ring, Wei Haiying, every joy, Chen Weirong, ShiWenZhao, jiang li main

floating and so on more than 20 leading to Jeff group Tours, visit Xie Jianlong members.

A line inspection, vice President of CPPCC Tang Hao Jeff group, listen to the report Xie

Jianlong chairman.

Jiefu group chairman Xie Jianlong introduces in detail the development of the company

history, development present situation and future development plan.

Tang Hao vice President to Jiefu group achieved full affirmation, and puts forward

guidance for Jeff group in the future development.

The development of Wu Rui into highly Jeff, director of the group.

Jiefu group chairman Xie Jianlong and entrepreneurs attending CPPCC members, developing


Xie Jianlong chairman with the CPPCC delegation leader, committee members took a group


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