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Environmental protection check message expanded stimulus antimony industry prices soared

Release date:2017/2/20 9:17:33

Environmental protection check message expanded stimulus antimony industry prices soared
The 2017-02-17 source: Shanghai non-ferrous nets
As environmental investigations check hearsay influence growing, coupled with large antimony production enterprises rised citing insufficient inventory of behavior to the market bullish mood irritability, higher than the market 2000 yuan last Friday "testing the waters offer" break on Monday will be firm and almost every day with rose 1000 yuan/ton price range, drive the market increase appetite, to weekend SMM 1 # antimony ingot prices for 53000-54000 yuan/ton.

Raw material: with the rapid rise of prices, coupled with raw materials companies starting time of late, qiao goods less raw material market price this week.
First before the Spring Festival the lack of raw material stock enterprise, eager to purchasing raw material to restore production;
Secondly the existing market, the stimulus to the raw material supply is very obvious, shipment will reduce.
Antimony ingot aspects: 2 # low bismuth and antimony ingot, for example, offer since Monday morning 50000 yuan/ton, have generally to Thursday afternoon to 54000 yuan/ton.
Until Friday, single transaction, some traders offer for 56000 yuan.
From the perspective of a whole sale price, before two days after two days of around $51000 to clinch a deal the price of 53000 yuan of/all by;
On Thursday after the price of 54000 yuan/ton trading co., LTD.
Antimony trioxide: with the rapid rise in the price of raw materials, the price of antimony trioxide gradually improved at the same speed.
99.5% antimony trioxide price from 45000 yuan/ton on Monday to Thursday for 48000 yuan/ton;
99.8% 47000 yuan/tons antimony trioxide from Monday to Thursday is not 50000 yuan/ton;
Some famous brand is 99.8% of the 52000 yuan/ton.
But compared with the market of antimony ingot, antimony trioxide clinch a deal the price is slightly lower than 1000 yuan.
This week's clinch a deal the price rising, but from the perspective of the group of accept, mainly trading clinch a deal.
Clinch a deal directly to terminal also has, but the overall scale is relatively small;
Terminal customers accept the speed, rather than years ago purchasing demand is directly related to the consumption of inventory and actual use.
Overall, the recent antimony industry market price rise is inevitable;
But back to last year's "national purchasing and" the wave of market, purchasing and message after implementation of antimony price is higher, but the actual purchase "rose" has come to an end;
Perhaps this wave of "environmental investigations" wind some early.

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