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Domestic steel prices rise Imports of iron ore prices

Release date:2017/2/28 9:52:19

Domestic steel prices rise Imports of iron ore prices

In the former jumped after a period of time, the domestic spot on hong kong-listed clinch a deal the price is high, delivery, began to narrow steel prices rise or fall.

Imported iron ore prices is all the way up, tons of price already broke through the $90 mark, hit the highest since August 2014.

In the latest week, the domestic spot steel prices composite index closed at 138.41 points, up 2.36% in a week.

Steel prices after the jump finally came back.

Market participants believe that the steel prices sharply higher, the market clinch a deal in high, in the delivery of the cases, partial businessman price began to soften.

Plus there is also a callback steel futures market, affected by the spot hong kong-listed mentality was shaken, businesses generally profit shipments.

On weekends, however, the hong kong-listed pessimistic mood eased, volume also improved slightly.

On the whole, the businessman is still on the march to demand season.

According to the analysis, on the building hong kong-listed field, price rise.

Places such as Shanghai, jinan, guangzhou tons price rose $300 to $30 a week.

Can be seen from the Shanghai market, hong kong-listed clinch a deal on the price high, and the early stage of the existing profit merchants immediately turned "strategy", the price for shipment.

Actual market clinch a deal, however, is still relatively weak, in the short term market and regulatory requirements.

At the early stage of the plank on the market, there has been a convergence, the general pattern of different varieties were mixed.

Hot-rolled coil prices generally fell, Shanghai, fuzhou, guangzhou and other tons price fell 10 yuan to 100 yuan, a week only, shijiazhuang, jinan prices rose slightly.

Some on the market, the price fall speed is accelerated to the weekend, relatively strong business profit taking will.

Overall medium plate prices, but also has a high back process.

Places such as Shanghai, hangzhou, jinan tons price rises 10 yuan to 190 yuan a week.

Many on the market clinch a deal are young before, suppression shipment not free, but the businessman overall confidence remains relatively well.

The iron ore market appeared in market.

, according to a new report "nishimoto Shinkansen", in the domestic ore market since February the domestic price of iron essence pink rose sharply, hebei region tons price rose by 90 yuan.

After the Lantern Festival, gradually resume production in mines, fine powder production increase, steel mills libraries actively, for the high grade iron essence pink of a large number of procurement, resulting in tight situation.

Imported ore prices also rose sharply in February, the success find tons of price is $90 mark, hitting a record high since August 2014.

At 23, platts 62% imported ore grade index closed at $92 a tonne, a rise of $8.55 in the late last month.

However, a considerable part of the personage inside course of study thinks, the pattern of the iron ore market is still oversupply, prices continue to rise foundation is weak.

Agencies believe that the domestic steel prices in February the traditional consumption off-season rose to a high of nearly four years, has been noticed by the market.

At present, steel mills and steel trade, have considerable profits, cash impulse is stepping up inventory resources, this will make the steel price callback.

However, due to the macro economy has stabilized rebound trend, makes the hong kong-listed will soon enter the shopping season demand is still worth looking forward to.

Be able to continue as long as you go "capacity" policy, adjust the market supply, the domestic steel prices can run more rationally.

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