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Guilin mountains and rivers, a three-day tour of dongguan Jiefu guilin

Release date:2017/5/27 13:43:26

The day of may is the beginning of spring and summer.
It is like a tender smile, in May, neither the sheer cold of spring, nor the hot and lazy summer of summer.
Gentle but not weak, warm but uninhibited, the sky is quiet, the grass is happy.

In this beautiful season, thank you for all the hard work of employees, strengthen the team consciousness of all staff, enhance communication, promote understanding, alleviate the pressure of the employee's work, loosen body and mind, enrich employees' holiday life, company organization May 23 to 25 JCP three days to guilin tourism development activities.

The participants included the company staff and their families.
At 6 a.m. on the 23rd, the general manager, lu fangwei, took the bus and headed for the first day of the first day, yangshuo li river.

Day 1: the bamboo raft swim the li river, the bowbutterfly spring, yangshuo west street

The next day: totem, ancient village, moon hill, silver rock and guilin

Day 3: the island park (the elephant of the elephant)

Listen attentively to the good deeds of ancient educators, thinkers, writers and statesmen of the statue in the park.

In this short visit three days to expand, the staff to give full expression to Jeff people vibrant, good spirit of unity, and enhance staff's sense of belonging and cohesion, for the follow-up team construction, team cooperation laid a good foundation.

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