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April 2017 antimony import statistics

Release date:2017/5/26 14:22:32

April 2017 antimony import statistics
2017-05-26: customs information network
SMM: according to the customs information network, the statistics of antimony import statistics in April 2017 are as follows:

Import of commodity name
The amount of imports (tons) of import amount (tons) of imports (tons) of imports (tons) of imports in the month of the month (us dollars)
Other antimony ore and its refined ore 5732557 9960205 25619351 43939990
Antimony oxide 116969, 701306 364242 2433509
Antimony sulfide 7574 775135 31727 314581
Unwrought antimony 5011433 44462 240247
Antimony powder 0, 1335, 201, 50093
Other antimony and antimony products were 50, 83, 263, 26015

In April, China's imports of antimony ore sand and concentrate mainly from countries such as Burma, Australia, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, and tajikistan respectively 3274.3 tons, up 151.8%;
Myanmar 968.3 tonnes, up 1520.8% year on year;
Australia 922.1 tonnes, down 57.6% year on year;
Kyrgyzstan was 373.3 tonnes, up 3.8% from a year earlier.

With China's export antimony oxide are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, India, South Korea and other countries and regions, respectively for the 1335 tons, up 9.7%;
Japan's 521 tons, up 20.9% year on year.
Taiwan's 512 tonnes, up 131.7% year on year.
Germany 257.4 tonnes, up 502.8% year on year;
India's 255 tonnes, down 18.5% year on year;
South Korea 242 tons, up 31.5% year on year.

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