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Vigilance: market anomalies in small metals such as indium antimony under trump tariff threat

Release date:2018/8/29 10:28:38

[China baiyin network August 28]

200 billion tariff incident tracking

On the night of June 18, the trump administration announced that it would impose 10 percent additional tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

On July 10, the office of the United States trade representative released the trump administration's new list of taxes, saying it would impose an additional 10 percent tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Small metals such as antimony indium bismuth married germanium are listed.

On August 2, the United States announced that it would raise the tax rate on China's 200 billion us dollars imported products from 10% to 25%.

On August 20, the United States international trade commission (USTR) held a six-day hearing in Washington on tariffs on $200 billion of goods.

The first day of the hearing on tariffs of $200 billion in the United States, 61 people spoke with only three agreed.

In a report released on Aug. 27, analysts at information site seekingaflph said it was unlikely to avoid $200 billion in tariffs because there had been no major news on trade talks between China and the United States in the last two days.

Indium antimony recent market anomaly event tracking

1. On August 8, 2018, changsha customs anti-smuggling bureau, nanning customs anti-smuggling bureau, guangzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau and Beijing customs anti-smuggling bureau jointly carried out the centralized collection of cases against the smuggling of antimony ingot, and preliminarily verified more than 3,000 tons of antimony ingot involved in the export smuggling, with a case value of 182 million yuan.

2, August 23, MB reported that small metal suppliers are moving indium and other rare metals to the United States, affected by expectations of tariffs for a burgeoning trade war between U.S. President trump and China.

The price of indium in Europe, which has held steady over the summer because of light spot business, was quoted at $275- $300 per kg on August 22.

By contrast, prices in China have been falling in recent weeks, currently around $250, with the price of 99.99% of indium at China silvertone's small metals starting at 1640 yuan to 1690 yuan per kilogram on Aug. 27, compared with an average price of 1,665 yuan per kilogram.

And U.S. prices have stayed high, in some cases topping $300.

In terms of the current supply and demand pattern, take indium and antimony as examples. China has the largest reserves in the world, accounting for 80% of the global supply.

Antimony, the largest reserves in the world, currently accounts for more than 70 percent of global production.

Although China's supply-side reform in recent years has reduced the supply of small metals such as indium and antimony to some extent, it will take some time for the sales pressure of indium and antimony to ease due to the inherent capacity inertia and hidden inventory.

However, the threat posed by the repeatedly raised tariff stick of the United States before its arrival or not, as well as the attraction of demand for small metals in Europe and the United States, made indium antimony and other small metals change under the guidance of interests, enter unconventional channels and conduct irregular trade.

In particular, traders such as indium antimony have recently been concerned about the unconventional channel of the small metal market and the irregular trade behavior, which may have an impact on the price of small metals.

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