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Dongfeng antimony industry 2018 commendation and 2019 New Year welcome party

Release date:2019/1/17 16:31:32

On January 15, 2019, dongfeng antimony industry held the 2018 annual commendation and 2019 Spring Festival gala with the theme of "striving for innovation, re-creating brilliance" at wyndham hotel in dushan county.

County government leaders, guests from relevant departments and all employees of the company about 260 people attended the whole ceremony.

East peak antimony industry general manager gu yusheng speech

General manager gu yusheng made a summative speech on the work in 2018: first of all, he affirmed the achievements of the company in 2018, and called on all employees in the New Year, will be listed as the guidance, with the development of thinking, scientific decision-making, extraordinary means to solve the problems in the development.

Consistently adhere to the company's value maximization dedication concept unchanged, diligent pragmatic, pioneering and innovative;

As a pioneer of dushan economy, I will keep my dedication to legal operation, honesty and trustworthiness, try my best to complete the production and operation target of 2019 set by the board of directors and promote the healthy development of the company.

Dushan county leader rong huaying spoke

Rong huaying, a county leader, said in his speech that he appreciated dongfeng antimony industry's achievements in 2018 and its contribution to dushan's economy.

At the same time, dongfeng people pointed out that in difficult times, unity, perseverance, hard work, innovation, efforts to forge ahead, overcome many difficulties, work together to promote the development of enterprises, and achieved good results.

And hope, east peak antimony industry should be good at seizing the opportunity in the challenge, enhance the enterprise development force, unswervingly make the enterprise stronger and better, to win the New Year's work new victory, to promote the economic and social development of dushan make new greater contribution.

Director of human resources mei xuehui read out the recognition list

Director of human resources mei xuehui read out the decision of "dongfeng antimony industry 2018 annual evaluation and commendation", which commended 7 awards including outstanding individual, advanced collective and technological innovation in 2018.

Advocate all staff to advanced as a model, coagulation heart, guard against arrogance and rashness, in the New Year to achieve better results!

Director of human resources mei xuehui and assistant general manager tang deling presented awards to outstanding employees, advanced production units and advanced functional departments

Gu yusheng, general manager, awarded the excellent zhongguan

Executive vice President xu yongqiang presented the technological innovation award

The commended units and individuals issued the acceptance speech, saying that in 2019, they will work harder, live up to the great trust, be a model of abiding by the rules and regulations, be a good pacesetter, and contribute to the development of the company.

Xie jianlong, chairman of the management team to set 2019 annual production and operation targets

General manager gu yusheng on the company's objectives and tasks to the production units, the person in charge of the subsidiary decomposition

After the meeting, the leaders and guests attended the meeting together to watch the enterprise workers brought by the art performance.

Dongguan Jiefu flame retardant materials co., ltd. was established in 2003, with a registered capital of 25 million, is one of the subordinate enterprises of guizhou dongfeng antimony industry co., LTD.

In 2003 through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 2012 through the ISO14001 environmental system certification;

Since 2004, the company has obtained the antimony export supplier qualification recognized by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China every year.

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