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Jiefu group "strive for innovation, create brilliant again" 2018 commendation conference and 2019 spring dinner

Release date:2019/1/26 14:48:59

On January 20, 2019, in the beautiful pengcheng city with warm sunshine in winter, Jiefu group, together with its subsidiaries guizhou minmetals and dongguan Jiefu, held the 2018 annual commendation conference and 2019 spring gala with the theme of "striving for innovation, re-creating brilliance" in spring manyuan hotel.

At the party, general manager gu yusheng of antimony industry, a subsidiary company controlled by Jiefu group, executive deputy general manager huang huaibo of Jiefu real estate, general manager Jiefu lu fangwei of dongguan and general manager zhao xia of guizhou minmetals all delivered speeches on the stage.

Chairman xie jianlong of Jiefu group also made a concluding speech on the work in 2018, expressing recognition and praise for the efforts made in 2018, and making arrangements for the new work goal in 2019. At last, he made a New Year's speech to the present guests and all staff of the company.

Jiefu group development to today, in addition to the chairman of the strategic leadership of Mr. Xie jianlong, but also inseparable from Jiefu all the staff of the struggle, under the leadership of the chairman of the board they together shoulder to shoulder to climb a new peak.

For this reason, the group specially issued various awards for the subordinate outstanding enterprise units, elite teams, outstanding cadres, outstanding employees, with the honor and glory of them in the Thanksgiving received the group recognized the banner, certificate, bonus.

Whether dancing, skits or music skewers, the Jiefu people are always talented and energetic.

On the stage, talent and personality have been the biggest interpretation and release, performers to their hearts' content to highlight their own show, let the enthusiasm of Jiefu people chase the dream of the engine.

During the dinner, chairman Jiefu group and his executive team toasted all the guests and staff present. Let's raise our glasses and toast to a better tomorrow of Jiefu group on the new journey. Cheers!

When we raised our glasses to celebrate, the delicious dishes were delivered to everyone's table one by one. Jiefu sat in a group, talking and laughing, enjoying himself. The hall was full of the warmest atmosphere of Jiefu's family.

With the end of the dinner, the annual meeting came to a successful conclusion.

In 2018, we will never forget our original intention.

In 2019, we are on a mission to forge ahead.

New Year, a new start, the starting point of the heart, the heart of the blessing, I wish you a happy New Year, good health, happy New Year!

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