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Congratulations on the joy of Jiefu Group’s headquarters

Release date:2019/11/13 18:31:55

The headquarters of Jiefu Industrial Group officially moved to Fuchun Dongfang Building in Chegongmiao Business District, Futian District, Shenzhen in late October 2019. It coincides with the third quarter of the group's debriefing meeting held in the first half of this month. After gathering in Shenzhen, a gala dinner was held after the meeting.

In the glory of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the Jiefu Group has grown for the 25th anniversary. On the road to prosperity, development, and on the way forward, Mrs. Jie does not forget her heart! Looking back, from the century-old brand Jiefu Group has gone through a quarter of the years, this is a milestone in the development of the enterprise, this is a new platform for sailing, this is also a new starting line. Today, we have witnessed the Group's development achievements and shared the joy of success in corporate development.

Blessing Jiefu Group: The business is booming, the exhibition is great, and the future is beautiful!

(Jiefu Group moved to the house, all members celebrated)

(Jiefu Group moves to dinner)

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