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Dongfeng Antimony Industry reorganization Longkou Mining Signing Ceremony was held in Xinning

Release date:2020/9/2 15:49:01

On August 31, Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Antimony Industry) and Xinning County Longkou Mining Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longkou Mining) strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Xinning.

The Xinning County Party Committee and the county government attach great importance to it. Executive Deputy County Mayor Xie Xiaojun, Deputy County Mayor Tang Guo, Deputy Director of the Government Office Wang Liang, Huilongsi Town Party Secretary Liu Shaoliang, Huilongsi Town Mayor Li Xingsong, and Emergency Management Director Gao Yunsheng, Xu Yunyou, Director of the Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry Information, Yu Jianping, Director of the Natural Resources Bureau, Deng Ping'ai, Director of the Xinning Branch of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Yang Jianfei, Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Administration, Lei Jianshan, Deputy Director of the Forestry Bureau, Jiang Hanqing, Deputy Director of the Water Resources Bureau, Commerce Director of the Bureau Chen Guodong, Director of the Development and Reform Bureau Qi Rongyong, Director of the Contradiction Mediation Center Zhong Shan, President of Jeff Group and Chairman of Dongfeng Antimony Industry Xie Jianlong, General Manager of Dongfeng Antimony Industry Gu Yusheng, Chairman of Longkou Mining Industry Co., Ltd. Wu Yuming, General Manager of Longkou Mining Industry Manager Yang Jiangfu, Dongfeng Antimony Industry and Longkou Mining employees totaling more than 100 people attended the signing ceremony.

Photo / Wu Yuming, Chairman of Longkou Mining Development Co., Ltd., speaks

Chairman Wu Yuming said in his speech that Longkou Mining has actively introduced strategic partners in order to meet the company's better development needs. After many on-site inspections and business consultations, we now have a strategic cooperation with Dongfeng Antimony Industry Company, and firmly believe that the new Longkou Mining Industry will get better and better.

Photo / Xie Jianlong, President of Jeff Group and Chairman of Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

Chairman Xie Jianlong said in his speech: With the care and help of the Xinning County Party Committee, the county government, and units at all levels, Dongfeng Antimony and Longkou Mining reached an agreement on the capital increase in the Longkou Mining Project after mutual visits, communication and consultation. The cooperation agreement is signed here. The cooperation between Dongfeng Antimony Industry and Longkou Mining Industry will definitely give full play to their respective advantages in the future, and will bring in advanced management experience and develop in the direction of scale, group and industrialization. Longkou Mining will surely become a first-class enterprise in Xinning County and a large taxpayer. .

Photo / Xie Xiaojun, Executive Deputy Mayor of Xinning County, giving a speech

Deputy County Magistrate Xie Xiaojun congratulated the successful signing of the cooperation, and pointed out: Our county will always uphold the tenet of "for the sake of investors, help investors make profits, and promote investors' success". Everything will make way for the project, everything will serve the enterprise and help. The early cooperation, early start of construction, early production and early results will truly enable both parties to achieve the goals of low cost, high efficiency and quick return.

Photo / Dongfeng Antimony Industry Gu Yusheng and Longkou Mining Wu Yuming signed on-site

Photo / A group photo of some leaders attending this event

Photo / Site of the signing ceremony

Photo / Site of the signing ceremony

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