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Weekly Review|Antimony Market Review #1116-1120#

Release date:2020/11/23 19:07:40

Antimony: Antimony price is stable and enters consolidation

The market price of antimony products is stable, and the supply pattern of the market is still little changed. Although it is rumored that some low-priced antimony ingot resources flowed into the market in the middle of the week, they were gradually digested by the market. Price movements have an impact. However, as a whole, the export and domestic sales transactions were flat this week, which also made the previously high antimony price stop and consolidate, but the strength of the antimony product market price remains unchanged.

First of all, the current situation of importing raw materials is still tight. For example, antimony mines such as Russia cannot enter the country due to various reasons such as the epidemic. However, the domestic supply of mines is limited and the price is high. Many large manufacturers continue to compete for raw materials. Therefore, the situation that the supply of antimony ore raw materials is in short supply will continue.

Secondly, environmental protection inspections for antimony exceeding standards are still underway. Thirdly, according to market sources, many large manufacturers already have future orders in hand, and don’t panic if they have grain in their hands. Finally, coupled with the traditional stocking peak of the Chinese New Year immediately, manufacturers’ stocking and downstream stocks may make The market soon ushered in the peak of procurement. Therefore, various factors currently support the stability of antimony market prices, and it is foreseeable that antimony prices will continue to perform well in the future.

In terms of antimony ingots, the average price of SMM antimony as of the weekend: 2# low bismuth antimony ingot 41750 yuan/ton, 1# antimony ingot 42250 yuan/ton, 0# antimony ingot 43,000 yuan/ton, 2# high bismuth antimony ingot average price 40750 yuan/ton The price remains unchanged compared to last week. As for the market price of antimony oxide this Wednesday, as of the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 38,500 yuan/ton and 99.8% at 39,500 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week. Recently, some market participants revealed that due to the shortage of raw material resources such as antimony ingots, some antimony oxide manufacturers have deliberately suppressed the price of antimony ingots in order to purchase low-priced raw materials in the future. However, market participants said that since the current antimony ingot manufacturers have insufficient resources, there is no pressure to reduce prices. It is expected that this battle that is more patient than patient will not last too long.

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