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Weekly Review|Antimony Market Review #1121-1125#

Release date:2020/11/30 8:55:06

Antimony market trading is weak, the trend direction is still to be chosen

The market price of antimony products is stable this week, and the supply pattern of the market is still little changed. However, the long-term calm has caused some low-priced resources to impact the market, but from the actual situation, the low-priced resources are also quickly digested by the market after they appear. For the time being, the number is small, and it has not affected the overall price trend of the market. However, as a whole, the market trading situation is still weak this week, and the price trend of antimony products is still to be selected and further observation is needed. According to market sources, although the current situation of importing raw materials is still tight, there are recent rumours that some Russian gold and antimony ore and other raw materials are ready to enter the market, and the domestic supply of ore is limited and the price is high. This batch of ore is priced. Become the point. Some large manufacturers competing for this batch of raw materials, due to the pressure on raw material prices and the current weak demand, have not focused on the high price of antimony products for the time being, but market participants have predicted that after the raw material dust has settled, it will be just in time for the end of the year. The traditional stocking peak can foresee the near future, and the strong price of antimony products will not stop there. Although the price of antimony products is weak in the short term due to sluggish demand and other reasons, it is still too early to talk about the price trend shift due to cost and other reasons. November is about to pass, as we wait to see the market trend in December.

In terms of antimony ingots, the average price of SMM antimony as of the weekend: 2# low bismuth antimony ingot 41750 yuan/ton, 1# antimony ingot 42250 yuan/ton, 0# antimony ingot 43,000 yuan/ton, 2# high bismuth antimony ingot average price 40750 yuan/ton The price remains unchanged compared to last week. As for the market price of antimony oxide this Wednesday, as of the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 38,500 yuan/ton and 99.8% at 39,500 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week.

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