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Leaders of Qiannan Prefecture Ecological Environment Bureau went to Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Mine Water Treatment Station to conduct field investigation

Release date:2020/12/7 19:19:30

In order to thoroughly implement the environmental protection management of the Duliu River by the Guizhou Provincial Environmental Protection Inspection Team, continue to improve the water quality of the Banpo mine section of Dushan County in the Duliu River Basin, and steadily promote the rectification work, on December 7, Wei Huayan, Deputy Director of the Qiannan Prefecture Ecological Environment Bureau Accompanied by 15 related leaders including Luo Yong, Deputy Mayor of Dushan County, Yang Zelin, Director of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Dushan County, and other relevant leaders, they went to Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry Banpo Antimony Industry Mine Water Treatment Station Demonstration Project Office to carry out investigation and guidance to prevent Water pollution work and on-site supervision of the operation of mine water treatment.

Picture (Deputy Director Wei Huayan and Gu Yusheng, General Manager of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, had an in-depth conversation with mine water treatment station related issues)

Deputy Director Wei Huayan fully affirmed the work and achievements of Dongfeng Antimony's mine water treatment and requested that the state operation of various indicators of mine water treatment should be continuously consolidated, and all-weather dynamic management should be implemented, with responsibilities and goals in place. General Manager Gu Yusheng answered the questions raised by Deputy Director Wei on the spot, and on how to continuously improve mine water treatment, strengthen the normalization of basic management work, and automate indicator control to ensure that all indicators meet the emission standards.

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