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Weekly market review|Antimony market review this week #1214-1218#

Release date:2020/12/19 16:52:17

Antimony market price is stable and seller confidence is getting stronger

     The market price of antimony products remained stable this week. However, the supply and demand pattern of the market has undergone subtle changes this week. Low-priced resources in the market have disappeared. The tight supply situation has become more and more serious. The current tightness of imported mines in terms of raw materials has not been eased. Under the circumstances, antimony ingot manufacturers began to hesitate to sell and even stopped shipping. Low-priced antimony ingots can no longer be bought, and the market is confident that the price will be high. However, the overall situation in the market this week is still fair. Especially although the price of antimony oxide is difficult to fall in the case of high antimony ingot prices, the recent domestic sales and export of antimony oxide have not been too large. Although there are rumors in the market that many large households have received orders transferred from overseas due to the impact of the epidemic, they have not clearly seen a sharp increase in the number of exports. With the temporary support of digestion, the price of antimony products has risen rapidly. The difficulty is still greater. However, this aspect has a lot to do with transportation capacity. Shipping capacity is tight, and it is a well-known fact that freight rates have skyrocketed. News has also come from the freight area. Since the epidemic in 2020, the number of China-Europe freight trains has increased rapidly. Some ports have experienced serious congestion since the second half of the year, with a large backlog of trains unable to leave the country on time. At the request of General Railway Corporation, a number of China-Europe Express companies cut some of their capacity to "slow congestion and maintain smoothness." Shipment and freight transportation are restricted, which will be a bottleneck for antimony products going abroad, but on the other hand, as long as the transportation capacity improves, it will also be a bullish factor that deserves our close attention.


In terms of antimony ingots, the average price of SMM antimony as of the weekend: 2# low bismuth antimony ingot 41750 yuan/ton, 1# antimony ingot 42250 yuan/ton, 0# antimony ingot 43,000 yuan/ton, 2# high bismuth antimony ingot average price 40750 yuan/ton The price remains unchanged compared to last week. As for the market price of antimony oxide this Wednesday, as of the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 38,500 yuan/ton and 99.8% at 39,500 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week.

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