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Chinese New Year Epidemic Prevention Proposal

Release date:2021/1/11 18:59:27

Proposal to the staff and friends of Dongguan Jiefu

Friends of Dongguan Jiefu employees:

This Spring Festival, Dongguan Jiefu sincerely invites you to stay at work for the New Year!

At present, the epidemic is in the active period of winter and spring, a critical period for prevention and control. In addition, foreign epidemics remain high, virus mutations in many countries have increased, domestic epidemics are spreading more and more sporadically, and there are clusters of epidemics in some areas. The prevention and control situation is more severe and complex. As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the mobility of personnel increases, gathering activities increase, and the risk of a rebound in epidemic prevention and control has increased. Our place of work is our common home, and we must not allow the hard-won situation to reverse. We propose:

In order to minimize risks and protect the health of you and your family, it is recommended that you stay where you work for the holidays as much as possible. If you really need to return home to visit relatives and friends, please avoid going to medium and high-risk areas and take strict epidemic prevention and control measures. Please take the following measures:

1. Before leaving the place of work, actively report the date of leaving the place of work, the destination, the date of returning to Shenzhen and other information to the community where you live and the unit where you work;

2. Before returning to the work place, report to the community and unit in advance of the health status and the time of return to the work place;

3. After arriving at the work place, take the initiative to report the itinerary trajectory to the community and the unit, and take the initiative to do nucleic acid testing. Only after there are no abnormalities can they start work.

4. If you really need to travel, it is recommended that you try to buy tickets online.

5. When taking public transportation, please take the initiative to cooperate with body temperature testing, health code inspection, etc., wear masks throughout the process, and record information such as vehicles and seats for inquiries and traceability.

6. In your daily life, please continue to maintain good hygiene habits, try not to organize or participate in gathering activities, to "wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, one-meter distance, use public chopsticks, frequent ventilation, and not gather".

The prevention and control of the epidemic requires all employees and friends of the Jeff Group to work together to build a line of defense! Everyone’s contribution is responsible for himself and his family, but also for the country and society. Everyone is amazing!

I wish a happy new year, good health, and a good family!

Dongguan Jiefu Flame Retardant Material Co., Ltd.

January 11, 2021

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