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Antimony Market Weekly Review|#0222-0226#

Release date:2021/3/1 15:09:20

Antimony: the Spring Festival officially ends, antimony prices continue to soar

With the end of the Spring Festival, the antimony market has entered a new cycle of rapid growth this week. It is still due to the epidemic and other factors that have not changed, including the serious shortage of domestic and foreign antimony ore raw materials caused by the linkage transportation problem. Antimony ingot manufacturers are still in an embarrassing situation of raw material shortage. Many companies, especially private enterprises, are still suspending production or greatly reducing production. After the holiday, antimony ingot manufacturers continue to significantly increase the price of antimony ingots due to the expectation that they will not be able to purchase antimony ore. , In order to achieve the purpose of reluctance to sell or even stop selling antimony ingots. Secondly, the subsequent downstream product manufacturers of antimony oxide have gradually become tight due to the difficulty in purchasing antimony ingots. The shipments of antimony oxide have also begun to be cautious and their prices have increased significantly. This week, the prices of antimony ingots and antimony oxide have joined hands significantly. Soaring. In addition, after the Spring Festival, as the prices of major types of bulk metals have grown wildly, it has also stimulated the nerves on the demand side to a certain extent. Under strong inflation expectations, it seems that many market participants have begun to think that holding resources is more than holding currency. wise. Therefore, the demand this week, especially the antimony oxide, was more active than the previous purchases, and the inquiry was also very hot, which also included the participation of some speculative funds.

In addition, the recent rapid rise in overseas antimony prices has also increased confidence in the domestic market. In terms of antimony ingots this week, the average price of SMM antimony as of the weekend: 2# low bismuth antimony ingot 57,500 yuan/ton, 1# antimony ingot 59,000 yuan/ton, 0# antimony ingot 60,000 yuan/ton, 2# high bismuth antimony ingot average price 54500 Yuan/ton, compared with last week, the price increased by 9000-11000 Yuan/ton. As for the market price of antimony oxide this Wednesday, as of the weekend, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 54,000 yuan/ton and 99.8% at 55,000 yuan/ton, an increase of 9,000 yuan/ton compared to last week. It is expected that market prices will continue to rise next week.

Market forecast next week: the probability of rising 100%, the probability of steady 0%, the probability of falling 0%

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