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Dongfeng Antimony Industry 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Held Grandly

Release date:2021/4/28 9:39:48

On April 24, the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry Co., Ltd. was held in the large conference room of Jiefu Group. Company shareholders and shareholder representatives, company directors and supervisors attended this meeting. Company executives and middle and senior management of Jiefu Group attended this meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Xie Jianlong.

The shareholders attending the meeting conducted full discussions on relevant proposals and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on the company's business development in 2021. The meeting reviewed and approved the "2020 Work Report of the Board of Directors", "2020 Work Report of the Board of Supervisors", "2020 Financial Final Accounts and 2021 Financial Budget Report", "2020 Profit Distribution Plan" and "About Seven proposals including the "Proposal to Amend the Articles of Association".

In 2020, the sudden new crown epidemic hit the global economy severely. In the face of the continuous escalation of Sino-US trade frictions and the adverse environment of economic de-globalization, the industry has suffered from serious difficulties for many years. The company adheres to the annual business goals set by the board of directors. "Efficiency, resources, and soundness" management policy, resolutely implement the strategic development plan, overcome various unfavorable factors, take effective measures, highlight the key points, pay close attention to implementation, and strengthen operation and management. It has made considerable progress in market development, resource allocation, management optimization, technological innovation, talent strategy and team building, achieved steady growth in production and sales, and satisfactorily fulfilled the annual business goals set by the board of directors. The company’s shareholders and shareholder representatives expressed satisfaction with the company’s performance and expressed gratitude to the operating team led by Chairman Xie Jianlong.

At this meeting, the company conducted candid communication and exchanges with shareholders and shareholder representatives, and won the recognition and support of shareholders participating in the meeting. Chairman Xie Jianlong said: In 2021, the company will adhere to the development idea of “strategic guidance, innovation-driven, and efficiency enhancement”, with the full implementation of the three strategies as the starting point, scientific and effective incentive and restraint mechanisms as the means, and determined reforms and reforms. Actively innovate as the driving force, unite and lead the management team, tap growth potential internally, expand market scale externally, forge ahead, do hard work, and resolutely complete various goals and tasks throughout the year to create conditions for the company to go public as soon as possible.

During the period, the company also held the 2020 shareholders meeting of its subsidiary company Guizhou Metals and Minerals Import and Export Co., Ltd. and the first board of directors of Dongguan Jiefu Flame Retardant Materials Co., Ltd. in 2021. The shareholders and directors at the meeting fully discussed, reported and reviewed the work of Guizhou Minmetals and Dongguan Jiefu over the past year, and reviewed and approved the general manager’s work report, the 2020 financial statement report, the 2021 financial budget report, the 2020 profit distribution plan, etc. Motion report.

At the end of the meeting, the board of directors expressed sincere gratitude to all shareholders for their trust and support, and expressed affirmation and satisfaction with the diligent work of the management team. The board of directors will actively respond to various challenges, improve the corporate governance structure, improve the corporate internal control system, and enhance the company Operational capabilities, promote the company's sustained, stable and healthy development, and better return to shareholders and society with outstanding results.

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