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Dongfeng Antimony Industry Holds 2021 Marketing Work Conference

Release date:2021/4/29 16:36:12

On the afternoon of April 25, Dongfeng Antimony Industry held the 2021 Marketing Work Conference in Shenzhen. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Xia, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, General Manager of Guizhou Minmetals, and Deputy Director of Marketing Management Center. Leaders such as Chairman Xie Jianlong and General Manager Gu Yusheng attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting comprehensively summarized the marketing work in 2020, analyzed the market situation faced, and arranged the marketing work in 2021. Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the real economy will decline, and marketing efforts will be impacted. The meeting has been conscientious for the marketing management center to actively implement the spirit of the company’s board of directors to prevent and control the epidemic and increase market share. After studying and judging the situation, the company's annual sales hit a record high, and the work of exceeding the sales target set at the beginning of the year was fully recognized. At the same time, it is believed that the international trade war still exists, the domestic economic growth is slowing down, the company's marketing echelon construction needs to be further improved, the technological transformation and relocation will have a certain impact on production, the ability to control the market needs to be further improved, and the marketing channels need to be further optimized. The marketing team is required to analyze and judge carefully, fully estimate the difficulties, and make the sales plan detailed to ensure that the marketing tasks are fully completed.

The meeting emphasized that in 2021, marketing efforts should focus on three aspects. First, we must be problem-oriented and goal-oriented, and focus on various marketing tasks. We must attach importance to the evaluation of customers and suppliers, control product quality, innovate marketing models, and promote the smooth completion of the annual marketing goals. Second, we must focus on three focus. Focus on the market, focus on products, focus on customers, increase market investment, fully grasp market information, deeply understand user needs, identify the market and product differentiation competition, develop customers, but also develop the market, and strive to transform brand advantages into market advantages. The third is to strengthen the construction of the marketing team and standardize management. Scientifically and rationally evaluate the business management mechanism, performance evaluation mechanism and marketing personnel evaluation mechanism, vigorously stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of marketing personnel, improve marketing efficiency, enhance the overall quality of individuals and teams, and create a learning, knowledge, and innovative marketing team.

The conference was held in the form of the main venue and video sub-venue. The relevant leaders of the Jeff Group’s President’s Office, the company’s general manager’s office, marketing department, production department, antimony oxide plant, technology research and development center related leaders, regional marketing personnel, production A total of more than 30 persons in charge of the Department, Finance Department, and Logistics Department attended the meeting at the main venue and the branch venues.

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