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Dongfeng Antimony Industry held the "Harmonious Dongfeng, Imagine the Future" staff exchange meeting

Release date:2021/7/27 21:46:13

In order to strengthen the effective communication between the company’s management and employees, enhance the cohesion of employees, and effectively help employees solve problems in work and life, so that employees’ self-development and the company’s development can promote and promote each other, July 24, 2021, East Feng Antimony Industry held the "Harmonious Dongfeng, Imagine the Future" staff exchange meeting in the headquarters of Dushan. The meeting was presided over by Executive Deputy General Manager Qin Shidun, and more than 120 people, including employee representatives of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, relevant leaders of the Jeff Group, and managers of its subsidiaries, attended the meeting either on site or by video.

At the meeting, General Manager Gu Yusheng gave an enthusiastic keynote speech on the company's current management status and development plans for the next three years. Looking back on the course of the past ten years, the company’s management has been continuously improved, the technology has been basically mature, the production and living environment has been significantly improved, the market share has grown by leaps and bounds, and the ability to control the market and fight market risks has been continuously enhanced. Income has increased year by year, the workforce is relatively stable, the listing work is ready to go, and the overall development is showing a good momentum. In order to adapt to the new development situation, the company needs to build a professional and high-quality talent team, introduce and train high-end management technology compound talents, establish a learning organization, build a growth platform, and stimulate the company's endogenous motivation. No matter what position they are in, the majority of employees have to practice hard skills. This is not only an urgent requirement for the development of the company, but also a need to enhance self-worth. The company needs the advice and suggestions of every Dongfeng person, work together, and seek common development.

In the interactive session, the employee representatives spoke freely, expressing their opinions in terms of personnel promotion and salary system, employee benefits, labor protection, living and office environment, career development planning, work efficiency improvement, employee activities and corporate culture construction. The management leaders of each system gave one-to-one responses to their opinions and suggestions, which can be described as a zero-distance communication.

In his concluding speech, Chairman Xie Jianlong described the company’s development prospects and the three strategic principles of resource strategy, marketing strategy and human resources strategy to all employees. He expressed his gratitude to the constructive opinions and suggestions put forward at the employee meeting and encouraged all employees to stay close. Actively carry out work around the annual operation and management goals and listing goals, and require the human resources department to continue to collect questions from employees, submit them to relevant departments, and sort out feedbacks for answers.

The exchange meeting ended in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The glory and glory of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of every employee. Through this exchange meeting, not only the effective communication between employees and the company has been intensified, but also each other has been strengthened. The understanding and trust of the company has laid a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development. The goal of listing is to unite people's hearts, and the drum of development is inspiring. Under the leadership of Chairman Xie Jianlong, all Dongfeng people will rewrite the history of Dongfeng with wisdom and sweat, and strive to continue to write Dongfeng's beautiful future!

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