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Warm congratulations to the official establishment of the Party branch of the Zhanjiang Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province Chairman Xie Jianlong delivered a speech

Release date:2021/9/14 16:56:59

On September 12, the opening ceremony of the party branch was held on the 26th floor of Gaozhi Building. The former deputy director of the Provincial People’s Congress Chen Jian, the former vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference Wang Zhaolin, the former deputy governor of the Provincial Government Zhao Yufang, and the Zhanjiang CPPCC Vice Chairman Yang Wenguang, Director of the Zhanjiang Municipal Government Office in Guangzhou, Molav, and former four-level investigator Mo Guangyi of the Zhanjiang Municipal Government Office in Guangzhou, and other leading guests, specially invited experts from the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce President Xie Jianlong, Executive Chairman Zhu Xiaoming and Wang Xiaochun, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Liang Zhenchao, Executive Vice Chairman and Party Branch Secretary Zhong Shiqiang, and 70 members of the Chamber of Commerce attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhao Liyu, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the Association.

In his speech at the inauguration ceremony, Chairman Xie Jianlong said that the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce Party Branch marks a new stage in the development of the Chamber of Commerce and opens a new chapter in history. This is an important milestone in the development of the Chamber of Commerce, and it is also the Chamber of Commerce who is determined to forge ahead and make great strides. Important sign. We must take this as an opportunity to unite and lead all members to work together to transform the first-class office environment into first-class member services, first-class industry image, and work hard, pioneer and innovate, and strive to make the Chamber of Commerce into Guangdong Province and even the whole country. The influential first-class chamber of commerce will inject new impetus into Zhanjiang's construction of a provincial sub-central city, accelerate the creation of an important development pole for a modern coastal economic belt, and promote Zhanjiang's high-quality development!

Chairman Xie Jianlong delivered a speech

Director Moraf delivered a speech on the establishment of the party branch of the Chamber of Commerce. He pointed out that private entrepreneurs have made great contributions to the construction and development of the country in different periods of history. The party and the country fully affirmed the role of private entrepreneurs. In the new era, private entrepreneurs should carry forward the spirit of struggle, especially party members among private entrepreneurs should have the leading social responsibility, promote common prosperity, devote themselves to charity, and be enthusiastic about social welfare, so that member entrepreneurs can truly become political leaders. An outstanding builder of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics who has status, achievements in career, and honor in society.

Speech by Moraf, Director of the Zhanjiang CPPCC Guangzhou Office

Executive Vice President and Party Branch Secretary Zhong Shiqiang delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that in the future, he must take the lead, pave the way, do a good job in party affairs, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, carry out party building work from a political perspective, and promote party building. Meeting construction, to promote the joint construction of member companies, to establish a sense of advancement, and to enhance work initiative. Use party building to guide members to listen to the party, follow the party, and repay the party's favor. Under the guidance of the party and the country's major policies, actively give back to the society and serve the motherland.

Executive Vice President and Party Branch Secretary Zhong Shiqiang delivered a speech

Executive Vice President and Secretary-General Zhao Liyu presided over the meeting

On the day of the establishment ceremony of the party branch of the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce also held the "Speech, Welcome Double Festival and 2021 Member Conference and Zhan Shang Lecture Series Activities". The 2021 Member Conference was held to review the 2021 Council Work Report and Financial Work Report , Work report of the Board of Supervisors, draft amendments to the articles of association, a meeting of the board of directors to supplement and adjust the list of the board of directors, commend a series of activities such as a group of members who actively support the development of funds of the donation chamber of commerce, the event invited the special researcher of the Guangdong Provincial Counsel’s Office, and the provincial rural revitalization consulting Committee member Chen Chi delivered a special report entitled "Learning History, Promoting Enterprise Innovation", and hosted a dinner for celebrating the Double Festival and celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in the evening.

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