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Environmentally friendly flame retardant

Release date:2017/10/10 10:10:10

Environmentally friendly flame retardant

With global security increasingly strengthen environmental protection consciousness, people more and more high to the requirement of fire safety and the products flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke, low toxicity of environmentally friendly flame retardant has become people pursuit of goals.

Nearly 80% for the current domestic plastics modified with fire retardant containing halogen flame retardants, among them with pbdes and polybrominated biphenyl type material represented, bromine flame retardants of high efficiency, less consumption, small influence on the performance of the material, and the price is moderate.Compared with other types of flame retardant, the performance/price ratio has more advantages, for export of electrical products in China is 70% ~ 80% with this kind of flame retardant.But bromine - antimony flame retardant system on the pyrolysis and combustion generates a lot of smoke and corrosive gas, and in recent years, some eu countries think bromine flame retardants on combustion would produce the toxic carcinogenic polybrominated generation of benzene and evil ying (PBDD) and polybrominated diphenyl and furan (PBDF), in February 2003, the European Union RoHS and WEEE two ban, including RoHS is limit of harmful substances (TheRestrictionofHazrdOusSubstancesDirective), it provides since January 1, 2006, of all electrical and electronic equipment sold in the eu, not contain polybrominated biphenyls (PCBS) and polybrominated diphenyl ether.

Commonly used and environmentally friendly flame retardant

A, environmental protection, bromine flame retardants

1, 10 bromine diphenyl oxide 80108010 does not belong to pbdes, never produced in the combustion of PBDD or PBDF);The relative molecular weight of 8010 to 971;Bromine content is 82%, and DBDPO bromine content (83%), so the flame retardant performance is consistent;Stability were DBDPO melting point 345 ℃, at the beginning of the high (305 ℃);Its light fastness as well as the characteristics of dialysis is better than that of DBDPO not easily, the most valuable is its flame retardant plastic can be recycled to use, this is that many do not have the characteristics of bromine flame retardants.8010 industrial products for the average particle size of 3 mu m white crystalline powder, free flowing, micro granular, easy to disperse in the plastic modification, plastic color of freedom.And cost and DBDPO is industrialization, is the ideal substitute DBDPO.

As adding bromine flame retardants, 8010 in use process need and antimonide, cooperate with the same proportion of the proportion and DBDPO/antimonide,8010 is more suitable for high temperature compared with those of DBDPO viscous properties of engineering plastics.

First for industrialized production of 8010 is the United States yabao, and apply for the production and use of patent;Once make domestic flame retardant research production units have been slow to conduct the research, but after the inquiry found that is located outside the scope of the company's patent is in China, thus it can be produced in China and the use of 8010, just can't export and apply for a patent.Away from her, the domestic research production units have been devoted to research, in 2002 by the end of the trial is successful in industrial scale.

2, brominated epoxy resin

Flame retardant with brominated epoxy resin is also known as tetrabromo bisphenol A epoxy resin oligomer, bromine content can reach 50%, the molecular weight between 1000 ~ 45000, divided into EP and EC.EP and EC, compared the light fastness of the former is better, but the bromine content is low, while the latter is flame retardant ABS and HIPS has good resistance to impact strength.Commercial products brominated epoxy resin is the part that semi-permeable chip and a mixture of white powder, domestic stimulating odour brominated epoxy resin, and Israel SiHaiXiu product, no odor.Brominated epoxy resin has satisfying the melt flow rate and high flame retardant efficiency, excellent thermal stability and light stability, and can give good flame retardant base material mechanical properties, the product can't afford to cream.

Phase of low molecular weight brominated epoxy resin suitable for flame retardant ABS and HIPS, the phase of high molecular weight is suitable for flame retardant ABS/PC alloy and PC, PET, PBT engineering plastics, etc.It is in use process need to use with antimonide.

Israel SiHaiXiu company is the most famous international brominated flame retardant epoxy resin producers, perfect production technology, excellent product quality;Once the domestic market of brominated flame retardant epoxy resin only brand.Since 2002, the shandong lai yu chemical in succession to commercialise brominated epoxy resin, but the quality of the products.At present, the domestic market on behalf of the products are: Israel SiHaiXiu F2100F2400 company, shandong lai yu chemical, Taiwan changchun BEB series and so on.

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