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Yang Kai, deputy secretary of Sandu County Party Committee and head of the county, and other leaders visited Jiefu Group for inspection

Release date:2021/11/17 15:01:47

On the afternoon of November 14, Deputy Secretary of Sandu County Party Committee and County Mayor Yang Kai, Deputy County Mayor Yang Chenghui and the leaders of Sandu County’s main functional departments visited Jiefu Group for inspection. Xie Jianlong, Chairman of Jiefu Group, and the company's executives warmly received the delegation.

Xie Jianlong, Chairman of Jiefu Group, extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introduced in detail the situation and future business development direction of Jeff Group and its subsidiary Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry. Chairman Xie Jianlong expressed to the leaders of Sandu County that he hoped that both parties would further deepen their understanding, deepen cooperation, and contribute to the economic development of Sandu County in the future.

Yang Kai, Deputy Secretary of Sandu County Party Committee and County Mayor, thanked Jianlong Chairman for his warm reception and affirmed the achievements of Jeff Group. County Mayor Yang said that Sandu County has beautiful mountains and clear waters, rich mineral resources and a good investment environment. Its economy has developed rapidly in recent years. The government supports enterprises in terms of resources, policies, and information. It is hoped that Jiefu Group can carry out investment and cooperation in Sandu County to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

At the meeting, Deputy County Mayor Yang Chenghui, Director of County People’s Government Office Long Guangxian, County Industry and Information Technology Bureau Director Zhang Renyong, County Agriculture and Rural Bureau Director Xie Chaodong, County Development and Reform Bureau Director Wei Zhenhua, County Natural Resources Bureau Director Lu Renbiao and other leaders and  Leaders of the Jiefu Group conducted in-depth and extensive exchanges.

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