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Deputy Secretary of Qiannan Prefecture Party Committee and Governor Zhong Yang, Secretary of Sandu County Party Committee Zhu Fengyu visited Jeff Group for investigation

Release date:2021/12/20 15:20:39

On December 16, Zhong Yang, Deputy Secretary of the Qiannan Prefecture Party Committee and Governor of the People's Government of the Prefecture, Zhu Fengyu, Secretary of the Sandu County Party Committee, Xiang Qihong, Director of the Guangzhou Office of the Qiannan Prefecture Government, and Yang Chenghui, Deputy Mayor of the Sandu County Government, visited Jeff Group inspected and investigated and attended the signing ceremony of the Antimony Industry Deep Processing Project between Sandu County Government and Jeff Group. Chairman Xie Jianlong of Jeff Group, Vice President Xu Yongqiang of Jeff Group, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Antimony Industry and General Manager of Guizhou Minmetals, Zhao Xia and other leaders warmly received Governor Zhong and his party, and the two sides held friendly talks.

Chairman Xie Jianlong expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Governor Zhong and his party for their visit. He briefly introduced the business development and future strategic planning of the three major business sectors of Jeff Group's mining new materials, real estate development and financial investment, and reported in detail the development ideas and business philosophy of the investment in Sandu, the listing plan and support of Dongfeng Antimony Guizhou Minmetals' strategic conception of expanding foreign trade exports. He said that as a Shenzhen enterprise that has invested in Qiannan for many years, he deeply feels that Qiannan’s business environment is getting better and better, and investment opportunities are increasing. Jeff Group is willing to increase investment and actively participate in the antimony industry collaboration in Sandu. Nanhe Sandu has made greater contributions to economic and social development.

Zhu Fengyu, Secretary of Sandu County Party Committee, made a speech. He pointed out that Sandu, as an ethnic minority autonomous county, has abundant resources, special policies and high-quality services. Sandu is striding forward on the road of new industrialization and warmly welcomes Jeff Group to invest in the development of antimony industry in Sandu, and join forces to achieve a win-win situation. He said that Sandu will use first-class efficiency and pragmatic style to provide high-quality services for Jeff Group's investment cooperation in Sandu.

After listening to the introduction of Jeff Group and the report of Jeff Group’s investment in Qiannan’s enterprises, Zhong Yang, Deputy Secretary of Qiannan Prefecture Committee and Governor Zhong Yang, affirmed Jeff Group’s achievements and future development plans, and praised Jeff Group’s investment The contribution of Qiannan's enterprises to the local economy. She introduced the economic development and investment environment of Qiannan Prefecture, and made presentations on deepening the cooperation between the two parties to achieve common development, promoting the antimony industry cooperation between Jeff Group and Sandu County, promoting the listing of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, and Guizhou Minmetals' foreign trade export. Important speech. She said that Qiannan is rich in resources and beautiful scenery. The Qiannan Prefecture Committee and State Government attaches great importance to the development of the real economy and gives full play to the role of market players. Jeff Group is welcome to invest in Sandu antimony industry to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The Qiannan Prefecture Committee and State Government will vigorously support Dongfeng Antimony Industry to integrate Qiannan antimony resources, support Guizhou Minmetals to further expand its foreign trade exports, and fully support Dongfeng Antimony Industry to achieve an early listing and become the world's leading antimony industry.

After the meeting, Sandu County Government and Jeff Group held a grand signing ceremony for the antimony industry deep processing project! Deputy County Magistrate Yang Chenghui and Chairman Xie Jianlong came to the stage to sign the contract. Governor Zhong Yang and Secretary Zhu Fengyu jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.

The leaders took a group photo.

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