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Dongguan Jiefu promotes and implements the 2022 Safe Production Month activities and ensures safe production

Release date:2022/6/9 13:54:09

This June is the 21st National "Safety Production Month", with the theme of "Comply with the Safety Production Law and be the first responsible person". On June 7, 2022, the company organized all employees of the production department to gather in the conference room to watch the safety production promotion video and learn the safety production law.

At the meeting, everyone actively spoke on the theme of "obeying the safety production law, being the first responsible person, and safety production starts from me", and carried out criticism and self-criticism for the current employees' safety awareness and ideological problems to improve safety awareness. , improve safety management.

At the meeting, the factory director made a briefing on the recent joint inspection by the Dalang Emergency Management Bureau and the Horizontal Safety Office, explained the safety-related issues in every detail, and asked the relevant departments to implement improvements immediately.

Deputy General Manager Zhang Jianquan proposed that each workshop should conduct regular self-inspection to ensure that the company's production safety management is implemented.

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