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Han Yu, Member of the Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and Deputy Governor, went to Dongfeng Antimony Industry to investigate the scientific and technological innovation work

Release date:2022/7/8 17:09:49

On July 6, 2022, Han Yu, Member of the Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and Deputy Governor, visited Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry Co., Ltd. to investigate the development of Dongfeng Antimony Industry in the field of technological innovation, and to promote Dongfeng Antimony Industry with technological innovation. The company's high-quality development practices and achievements are fully affirmed. Chen Jingfang, general manager of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, accompanied the investigation and made an introduction.

The leaders of the state visited the antimony oxide factory, technology research and development department and other places to understand the development of the enterprise. Afterwards, he went to the conference room for a discussion to learn more about the company's operation and technological innovation. General Manager Chen Jingfang made a detailed report on the company's technological innovation. General Manager Chen Jingfang first thanked the state party committee and state government for their affirmation and recognition of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, and discussed the company's efforts to promote the company's technological progress and enhance the company's independent innovation capabilities, establish technological innovation for sustainable development of the company, and a long-term mechanism for technological progress. report on specific measures.

Dongfeng Antimony Industry will build a research and development center building in 2022. It is planned to have Dongfeng Business School, a master's workstation, and a post-doctoral workstation. Relying on the advantages of catalyst antimony oxide products, it will further develop flame-retardant antimony products. At the same time, strengthen the research and development of 8 projects including tailings dry discharge technology, wall-cutting and filling technology, and top-absorbing antimony oxide production technology.

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