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Antimony trioxide

Release date:2018/5/15 13:56:10

Antimony trioxide
[Chinese name] antimony trioxide;Antimonous anhydride;Antimony, China;Antimony white;Antimony oxide (Ⅲ);The antimony
"English name" antimony trioxide;Stibous oxide;Antimonous oxide
【 】 structure or formula is Sb2O3
【 relative molecular weight or atomic weight of 291.6
Cubic crystal shape of 5.192 g/cm3 density 】 【 (25 ℃);Rhombic shaped 5.672 g/cm3
The melting temperature (℃) 】 656
The boiling point (℃) 】 1570
[index] 2.087 ~ 2.35
The toxicity of LD50 (mg/kg) 】
20000 rats through the mouth
【 properties 】
White odorless crystalline powder, is a kind of amphoteric oxide, weatherability than lithopone, pulverization sex is small, heat resistance, the warm yellow, cooling after return to white.
"Dissolve situation"
Insoluble in water, ethanol, soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, strong alkali, oxalic acid, tartaric acid and fuming nitric acid.
Used for enamel, paint, tartar emetic, drugs, and used as a filling material, mordant, etc.Mainly used in the manufacture of fire retardant paint, antimony white can at high temperature and chlorine reaction can generate antimony chloride resin, can prevent the fire from spreading and to reach the role of fire.Often and zinc oxide, sodium hydroxide as the association effect of bromine series flame retardant agent such as applied in the plastic fire prevention system.
Various brands of industrial grade Sb2O3 as fire retardant are equivalent, but Sb2O3 particle size on the impact strength of flame retardant polymer have very important influence.Currently used in flame retardant ordinary Sb2O3 average particle size of all kinds of plastic, generally for 1 ~ 2 um, ultra-fine antimony oxide of the flame-retardant fiber can be used for the average particle size of around 0.3 um.
Preparation or source 】
Can be made of antimony trichloride with sodium carbonate.Natural products have antimony China.
Is a kind of amphoteric oxide.
CAS No. : 1309-64-4

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