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GuYuSheng: to survive the enterprise restructuring Win-win cooperation development

Release date:2015/10/12 14:04:46

- from Asian metal net interview guizhou mining co., LTD., managing director of the east peak GuYuSheng
Guizhou east peak mining co., LTD., founded in 2012, its predecessor for guizhou east peak enterprise group.Now the company has mining, mineral processing, the annual output of 10000 tons antimony smeltery, annual output of 20000 tons antimony trioxide and flame retardant masterbatch production line;Subsidiaries have guizhou minmetals, the dongguan Jeff, Jeff mining and single peak antimony industry;Products are: single peak brand refined antimony, Jeff brand antimony trioxide, dust-free antimony oxide, Jeff card flame retardant masterbatch, composite flame retardant;The company has complete production, supply and sale of industrial chain, has to adapt to the market and the ability to resist market risk.
Asian metal: valley total: hello, thank you very much for your accept Asian metal interview.First of all, to make a brief introduction of yourself and talk about the group's current situation?
GuYuSheng: ok, 2012 years ago, I was in hunan Chen state mining co., LTD., served as minister of directors and management of mines, safe environmental protection;Chang Dechen states antimony products co., LTD., executive director and general manager, hunan zhongnan antimony tungsten import and export trade company general manager;In February 2012 after the resignation was appointed vice President of shenzhen Jeff industrial group, and in the same period of guizhou east peak, deputy general manager, deputy general manager of enterprise group, in July the restructuring is completed as guizhou east peak mining co., LTD., legal representative, the managing director;Since 2004 has been China flame retardant society employment for the managing director, in 2014 by antimony industry branch appointed to vice President of China's nonferrous industry association.
Guizhou east peak mining co., LTD., its predecessor for guizhou enterprise group co., LTD., east peak in July 2012, the company introduced strategic investment partners in shenzhen Jeff industrial group co., LTD., and controls the east peak mining, after the restructuring, the company in mining and prospecting, ore dressing and smelting of software and hardware equipment technology upgrading and technical innovation to spent nearly 200 million yuan.
Asian metal: for antimony business of the company, can you talk fine company current operation?
GuYuSheng: the company's new investment river new smelter in June this year and put into production, the quantity is worth about 500 tons of metal;Antimony oxide product sales this year more than 14 years, is expected to reach 9000 tons, 60% for export.
Asian metal: since may of this year, antimony ore, antimony ingot and antimony oxide at home and abroad prices continue to fall, in your opinion, what is the main reason?
GuYuSheng: China is antimony production and consumption power, the world did not reduce the total consumption in nearly 10 years, the industry competition is a leading cause of antimony price continued to fall;Followed by the years of accumulated other non-ferrous metal antimony production has a process of digestion;Again, the current prices is a question of confidence in the market, because of low confidence of macroeconomic, non-ferrous industry, both in inventory reduction, reduced prices.
Asian metal: so you expect????????? How about antimony recent market price movements
GuYuSheng: future prices go down in a certain range, but overall should be volatility rose.Because, at present the antimony in reducing production, raw material market is more nervous.Mining, smelting, antimony oxide processing factory, the user's inventory is not much.Once the signs of economic recovery, the market, the user back to the market purchase, increase inventory, and there will be a tight supply situation.
Asian metal: can you tell me the company's current problems?
GuYuSheng: industry disorderly competition and all localities across the country do not match the standard execution of the enterprise.
Asian metal: the company have any development plan the next step?
GuYuSheng: perfect the industry chain advantages, absorb the industry strategic partners, strive to enter the capital market in 2016.
Asian metal: what are you think the current industry are faced with the problem?
GuYuSheng: at present, the industry is very difficult, costs continue to increase, the price is on the downside, almost all at a loss, some loss is very serious, part of the mining enterprises have been discontinued.
Asian metal: so late industry development prospects are there?
GuYuSheng: antimony antimony trioxide is the main application fields in the flame retardant industry, although in recent years, due to the influence of such factors as price some alternatives, but antimony trioxide in flame retardant its flame retardant effect is best, the physical properties of the optimal, is irreplaceable by any other flame retardants.As to fire all over the world pay more and more attention to, I have very bullish on the prospect of antimony industry.
Asian metal: thank you again for you to accept Asian metal interview.I wish you every success, the enterprise progresses day by day!

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