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To the present, look to the future, optimize the function, accelerate innovation

Release date:2015/11/10 9:26:02

To the present, look to the future, optimize the function, accelerate innovation
Source: Jiefu group date: 2015/11/9 9:41:09
- group development strategy and thought in 2016 working conference was held successfully
To better cooperate with group development strategy, promote the overall functional group headquarters management effectiveness, strengthen the group the department overall ability, professional group, convened by the deployment group future strategy development, establish various departments work mentality "in 2016 as the theme of the conference.
On November 6, 2015 morning, the chief financial officer hai-hua li li (hereinafter referred to as) led, held the meeting.The meeting li after communication with the group headquarters department head several times, got Xie Jianlong attaches great importance to the chairman.Members of the group headquarters President Office, financial management center, information management, human resource management center and investment management center director, part of the department staff attended the meeting.
Meeting with "open, freedom, democracy, respect for individual, brainstorming" as the theme, from the value of the group, working logic, the strategic development plan in 2016 in the meaning of compiling is illustrated, and the functions of the group headquarters planning template.
Li meeting of the group, the external environment, enterprise of the development process of the present situation are expounded and analyzed, and the process of all work of the group headquarters in 2015 and 2016 the work to be the guide.At the same time, lee asked the relevant departments according to company strategic planning, in the spirit of pragmatic, various functional departments in 2016 specific work plan, the top group for approval.
Meeting, group members and department head of the department President Office also to the department of 2015 and 2016 annual work plan for the report.Participants according to each department's report speaks enthusiastically, discuss with each other, common advice for the development of the group.
Meeting finally, lee stressed the need to make strategic planning, establishing specialized functional departments, and equipped with specialized talented person, to do professional, can make the enterprise impregnable in the complex and changeable market environment, and gradually become bigger and stronger.

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