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Improving the Environment and Improving Efficiency -- Upgrading and Renovation of Equipment in Dongguan Jiefu Production Department

Release date:2023/9/8 17:24:21

In mid August 2023, under the leadership of General Manager Lv Fangwei of the company, relevant department heads conducted several rounds of discussions and designs to renovate, install, and debug three major projects of the year (dust collector renovation project, packaging system upgrade and renovation project, and vacuum system noise elimination project). Due to the staggered construction of the three projects, which do not affect each other's construction progress, and do not affect production progress and product quality, it is an unprecedented challenge for production department management personnel.

This joint renovation reflects the tacit understanding and execution ability of Dongguan Jiefu in management, research and development, production, and the general manager's office system, as well as the cohesion of the entire team. Through early design, measurement, reasonable arrangement and communication, personnel entering the factory and training before the mid-term construction, design and installation requirements and completion time limit are put forward, and finally the commissioning is normal, reaching the standard. A strict construction plan was formulated to ensure orderly work arrangements. A series of measures were taken to ensure successful construction and commissioning without any abnormal situations. The joint renovation project was completed perfectly, and the furnace was finally opened as planned to ensure production progress.

Through this upgrade and transformation, the problem of leakage during the production process has been thoroughly solved, packaging efficiency has been improved, the impact of machine equipment noise on the environment has been reduced, employee satisfaction with the work environment has been enhanced, and ultimately product quality has been further improved.

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